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May be a simple question , but to be honest i'm unsure as i've not had to do it before. I've noticed that the MOBO has only one IDE port.

The isssue i have is that although i will be getting a SATA HD i still have a 160gb one i still wish to use as slave. However i will also need to connect my DVD writer to the port.

Can i have my DVD Writer as master and HD as slave on the same IE connection ?
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  1. s3 also here..
    I have a ide dvd master, ide hd slave set up on my board and it works fine.

    note: my windows runs off of a sata drive...
    anyone know if he'll have problem running windows off his ide in that config? I don't think he will, but I'm not that knowledgable.
  2. Thats fine mate, i'll be getting a SATA HD as well which will be running windows.

    Sounds like i will have the same setup as you.
  3. Though in case anyone was wondering, I have run Windows off the Slave disk where the Master was a DVD drive with the 965G DS3(practically same...). No problems, just make sure your boot order is correct if you have other drives installed.
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