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Just finished building my comp last night with a p5w dh with e6600. I want to test the system for stability and overall get some benchmarks. I know most people run 2 instances of prime 95 to do a stress test but I've also heard that you should have a program open to monitor temps and fan speeds during that, I have the program that came on the asus utility cd but I thought I remembered people saying that was not giving correct readings. As far as benchmarking I have superpi, pc mark, and 3dmark. Any other suggestions so that I can make sure that my system is as stable as possible before I start installing games?
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  1. I personally just run the latest 3DMark and PCMark to test my builds, but if I were overclocking anything I would likely go along with many others that use CPU Burn-In or Toast.

    Here is a link to Toast
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