Difference between a 478 pin and 479 pin Pentium M?

I want to buy the following chassis/motherboard from shuttle.


Now, it has a Socket 479. I have found a Pentium M 725 with 478 pins with the following manufacturer part number BXM80536GC1600F.

Here is Intels page on that lists this part number.


Now, I need to know if this will work before I buy it. I have heard that the difference between the 479 and 478 pin configuration is a single pin to prevent the 479 from being inserted in the 478 desktop sockets since they use different voltages. Is this the case? Will the 478 pin Pentium M 725 work in a Socket 479 motherboard?

If you have any sources for information to read on this I would appreciate it.
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  1. There are two types of packaging for mobile Intel CPUs; socketed versions and soldered versions. S478 refers to the former and S479 to the later. Manufacturers’ sometimes mistakenly mix them up, so watch out for that.
    I found this review which clearly shows that it uses a socket CPU. Intel’s Processor Spec Finder lists both types of CPUs: see here. One give away is that the S478 spec details show a box number which relates to retail parts, whereas the S479 only show an OEM part number, as obviously CPUs that need to be soldered to the motherboard aren’t available in the retail channel. :lol:
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