What’s better – DDR2 @ 760mhz @ 3-3-3-7 or 950mhz @ 4-4-4-15

Hey all, I have some higher end DDR 2 memory running 1:1 with my FSB on a core2duo system. The FSB is at 380, and the ram therefore is at 760mhz. I have managed to get the timings down to 3-3-3-7 completely STABLE.

I know that the system will boot at 950mhz on the ram, but there are two things concerning me. The fact that I will need much higher timings to achieve this, and the fact that there is supposedly a speed loss on Intel systems when the RAM is not 1:1 with FSB.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Well, you can always run benchmarks at both settings and see wich one runs faster hehe
    Since your memory runs so well I would recommend you to OC your CPU alot more too.
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