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I can buy Reg ECC DDR ram cheaper then non registered ECC. Can someone clue me in on the rules for using this ram on regualr mobos... and old ones too.

I have an old Compaq that uses ddr 1800 ram. Can RECC DDR replace regular ram in any situation? (I dont care about being able to take benifet of the extra bit.).
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  1. Your mobo has to support ECC memory too.

    D'you still have you mobo manual ?
  2. Nope, its an OEM computer. There is no rule of thumb when dealing with R-ECC Ram? What about mixing ECC with non ECC?
  3. If the mobo supports ECC/non-ECC memory, then you should be able to mix the two pairs of memory, set to non-ECC mode, provided no compatibility quirks between them...
  4. If it's an Athlon 64 you can use any RAM (ECC or non-ECC) because it supports both without problem.
    If it's Intel you must check on the board specs, because it depends on the NorthBirdge capabilities.
  5. Its an old socket A mobo and the processor is 1ghz.
  6. Uhm... I think ECC wont work on such a mobo. You can try anyway if you can get a stick for testing, you'll don't cause any damage if it wont work.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The only ECC stick I have is compaq server memeory which has a different slot. I was hoping there was a shortcut to figuring this out... but I guess not.
  8. Everyone above is assuming your MB takes registered RAM. Remember that almost always, MBs that take registered RAM cannot take unbuffered and vice versa. OTOH, many MBs will take either ECC or non-ECC RAM.
    Registered RAM is so cheap because it won't work on almost all "regular" MBs.
  9. Ah good to keep in mind.

    Thank you.
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