Overclocking guide with the Giga-byte DS3

2. Set MCH Voltage (vMCH) to 1.55V
3. Set FSB Voltage (vFSB) to 1.40V

What is the default settings for this board. The bios only shows +.1v type settings. If you dont know what the default is, you cant set these too their proper values.
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  1. cool... I should up my FSB if this test on my PRIME fails...

    I dont think it will though, the X6800 is only beign pushed 34fsb, where as the other chips are beign pushed 67.

    I was wondering... If I just increase my Multiplier, would I have to increase the voltages (excluding the vCore)?

    It would seem logical that increasing the multiplier would only change the speed of the cpu, and wouldnt touch the Northbridge or FSB.

  2. Quote:
    All the other voltages in the guide besides vcore and vdimm are designed for over 400Mhz FSB operation. That was the aim of the guide, unfortunately most failed to see it.

    Its impossible to know the aim of the guide, if you dont tell us:)

    I thought the guide was a good start to overclocking, and was a very reasonable approach that will lead to long lasting processors. I have no want to hit 400mhz. I am not interested in +.2v on my CPU! I will stop at around +.1v!

    I am running into a wall with the DS3.

    I think it has to do with the inability for the DS3 to handle 1066mhz memory. I still havent gotten a response from giga-bytes techsupport as to why I cant run my cpu at stock settings and have a 4 multiplier (yes, they say its a 4!)

    I started with 800mhz memory speed, then pushed the machine to 320mhz FSB. The memory was approaching 1000mhz, and it started failing prime.

    Ive dropped the memory multiplier down, and am running prime as we speak. Last time it failed prime after 1 hour, so I got about 25 minutes to respond to some email:)


    Gigabyte DS3 + X6800 = Overclock

    With the p5B at stock settings and C2E turned I would go well above 60c.
    With Gigabyte DS3 I havent gotten above 52c at 320mhz FSB.

    Asus P5B is dangerous to X6800 chips.
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