Removing disk from Nvidia Stripe Array (3xDisks)


I have a NF4SLI motherboard (Gigabyte K8N-SLI) and have 3xdrives in a Raid-0 setup). Is there any way I can remove one of the drives from the setup?

I initially started with 2x160's and just added a 320 to the array. Would I be able to just remove one of the 160's easily or....

Should I rather convert the 3xdrives raid-0 setup to raid-5 and then "break" it by removing a 160, replacing it with a 320? The objective here is to end up with a 3x320gb raid5 array.

Thanks for any help!

Marthinus Bester
South Africa
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  1. You're going to have to unload/reload. If it were Raid5 you could swap a drive and the array would rebuild itself, but with raid0 of you take one drive out you have to start over.
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