Truning off Harddrive like in a internal harddrive case

I am looking after a way to turning off harddrive it the same way as in a internal sata2 cases.

The idea is to have a button with you can trun off and on power and sata2 comunication cable.

On ofe the solutions is to buy a internal harddrive case and take out harddrive connectors and button, but it is a expensive solution.

It must be possible to buy only a hdd connectors an button from internal cases without buying whole hddcase.

Please help.

PS! Sorry for my english. I hope you guys understand what I mean.
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  1. If the disk is being read and written to, you risk currupting the entire dirve if you turn it off.
  2. Quote:
    If the disk is being read and written to, you risk currupting the entire dirve if you turn it off.

    No,that could not be true... Well if you see it wos not what I am asking about. And I am not e 14old nebee who is asking why you canæt turn off hdd.

    I have full control and I know exacly what and whay I want to turn off wisk.

    So any suggestions on case I was asking about?
  3. Im assuming English is not your native language.

    Either way, disreguarding anything except what you asked for....
    Why dont you just buy a switch and splice the wires to run though the switch. and then into the drive.

    Cut the black wire on the power connect and feed it into a swtich that you could put anywhere, then run the wire back into the drive. When the swtich is flipped, off goes the drive.
  4. Right click my conputer, go to manage, go to disk management, disable from there. Not sure if it will protect you 100% during OCing though.
  5. no... no it wont... not in the slightest.
  6. Use Safely Remove Hardware first before powering off. You only need to cut the power. SATA cable can remain connected.

    A dual throw switch can but both the 5v and 12 v at the same time.

    If you the drive doesn't show up under Safely Remove... then your SATA controller isn't supporting hotswapping.

    If a program is keeping the drive locked use a utility called unlocker, but use it wisely.


    Buy a $9+ 5.25" Moblie Rack. Its a bay with a removeable hard drive tray. Buy addition trays if you want to use multiple hard drive.

    If you are using SATA then you are all set.

    If you are using PATA then you need to an IDE to SATA adapter that supports hot swapping for about $14. Half don't support it.
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