need help finding apsu and video card

ok i got my system a few months ago and i need to get a new video card and psu. i planned on doing it for awhile anyway here are my pc specs:
amd 3800+ (i think it says runs at 1.8ghz but i thought it runs at 2.0-2.2ghz i may be tghinking of something else)
1gb ram
is really all you need to know.
anyway i have 300 bucks to spend on a psu and video card i was looking at
a 7600gt,7800gtx or maybe a 7900gt or even a x1900gt
but for psu i have no clue what would fit iinto a acer pc. i know the case is an aspire so that really dosent tell if tis atx or btx. anyhelp advice ot links to newegg stuff will help me oput. i'm just mad because there all this great stuff coming with vista but i really dont have all the money in the world so this pc for under 500 i thought was a greata deal.
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  1. anyone
  2. Yes the x1900gt is a good deal, $204 shipped from newegg and the Antec TP-II 480 for $62 shipped from provantage is a good combo for under $300

    have to double check...

    eXtreme PSU calc"]System Type: Single Processor
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2000 MHz 1.40v
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 85% TDP

    RAM: 2 Sticks DDR SDRAM
    Video Card: ATI Radeon X1900 GT
    Video Type: Single Card

    IDE HDD 7200 rpm: 2 HDDs

    DVD-ROM Drive: 1 Drive
    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive

    Sound Blaster - All Models: Yes

    Regular: 1 Fan 80mm; 1 Fan 120mm;

    Motherboard, keyboard and mouse: Yes

    PSU Utilization: 100 %

    Total: 302 Watts

    © 2004 - 2006 and it's licensors. All rights reserved.

    Right on the money

    edit: I just read "acer" ohh boy... what model??
  3. yea i ahve no clue its a acer thats all i really know about that
  4. I've had really good luck with this powersupply. Its got better 12v rails than that antec one and its only 44 dollars shipped.

    Hipro 500w
  5. Quote:
    $300 isn't going to get you a 7900GT or 1900GT and the PSU neeed to power them.
    You should have no problem using an ATX SPU in your case. So don't worry about that.

    What PSU do you currently have? Just curious even though it probably won't have enough power for a new video card.

    yeah right.

    any way you should check new egg, should be able to get a good
    videocard for around 200$ us and a good psu for under 100$ us.

    hear is one gpu for 200$

    and you have 100$ for a psu
  7. thanks alot for your guys help. also if i say want to get a different case say something like this how would i find out what type of case i have so that way my pc stuff will fit in that case?
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  9. well there is m-atx = small
    atx= ok
    and full atx or full tower = big

    you will probably want atx or bigger
    the one you listed should work fine
  10. yeah but the one thing that worries mee is by christm,as time the card im looking at will either come down in price or be unuseable t o play new games. so i would really like to get this card to aply better games other then CS and WOW right now but im jsut like loking at the con of new tech. but on the other hand for christmas i get new pc to make this thing do better and look cooler then i will be happy for the time being. as long as i acn play the newer ebtter games i'll be happy (like riddick etc).
  11. yeah im debateing what to get that will last me longer the 7600gt for about 12 or the x1900gt for 199 + a 40 psu. i want theone that gives me the most power and longer lifespan before having to get dx10.
  12. Good luck upgrading an Acer PSU.
  13. waht i cant do it? teh one someone posted above a wj=hile said it would work.
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