Who has used Win7 Easy Transfer - XP Pro to Win7?

Who has successfully used Win7 Easy Transfer = XP Pro to Win7? - See above link - This is Clean Install as per Windows 7 recommendation.

What went right?

What went Wrong?

Would you receommend it? If not, how did you perform the clean install (XP Pro to Win7 ) successfully?

Any assistance would be appreciated!

"Keep Pushing Forward" :hello:
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  1. No answers so far - mmmmmmmmmm - somewhat must have used something to upgrade to Win7!

    Keep pushing forward - let's not return to Dos! :ouch:
  2. Best answer

    I used upgrade from win xp (english) to win7 Ultimate (in Dutch).

    I had about 300GB of personal files (pictures, music, mail) on the old machine.
    I started easy transfer to transfer to a USB2 2TB external took a while to calculate what to transfer and then backing it up took even longer....also the initial time shown kept increasing.
    SO i stopped easy transfer and manually moved the 'easy stuff' (like the music and pictures) to the external disk.
    Then i had about 50GB left to backup with easy transfer; this went fairly well (albeit still slow).
    So finally the backup was ready and in followed the instructions to do the clean install.
    So far so good; the belgian azerty keyboard layout was properly recognised; my screen didn't end up in some ridiculous 640x480 VGA resolution, the logitech wireless mouse and keyboard were recognised.
    All good!
    Now on to restoring my data....the process is easy enough and restoring it takes at least as much time as backing it up...

    BUt at the end of the process i got a message saying that my data was restored but my settings couldn't be restored because the new OS is in a different language (which is the case).
    To my surprise stuff like my printer etc were properly installed, the machine could connect easily to internet.
    It even mapped the data properly from the "administrator" account on the old machine to the "my name" account on the new machine.

    BUT all my mails in Thunderbird are gone!
    I did get new mails in as soon as i connected.....but i need to find those old mails back!
    They are normally stored in %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\XXXXXXXX.default\Mail\
    BUt i can't find that (yet in Win7).

    I have some googling to do and hopefully i can recover the data.....

    Best regards

  3. jlivens - Thanks for a good report on how it went with Win7 Easy Transfer - XP Pro to Win7.

    Did you upgrade from 64 bit to 32 bit or which OS bit did you use?

    I guess it is fair to say, there is not a perfect system with the clean install in Windows OS, it never has been "Easy" to save and clean install - smiling, Microsoft using the word "Easy" in this process!

    If others read this post, maybe they can give us a better solution with this or another "Easy" way.

    "Keep pushing forward - Let's not go back to Dos!" :ouch:
  4. Hi SIlverron

    I went from 32bit to 32bit...
    And i'm well on my way to recover the old mails....
    There are thunderbird profiles and mail files in the c:\windows.old\......
    I will try and see if the profile manager of thunderbird also works under win7.
    I'll let you know if i succeed (or not)

    Best regards

  5. Thanks for the update - appreciate it!

    "We shall learn together" :bounce:
  6. I found your best bet is to save your important files on another disk or a different partition. Then I deleted the Vista partition making sure that partition still showed active.

    Clean install from Win 7 X64 Family Pack went smoothly. No problem activating when I was ready. I did not put in an install code at the time of installation just in case there were problems. You can put it in before you activate.

    From XP you will need to install all your programs again regardless and I recommend doing it from Vista as well. So far, the 32 bit programs I have all installed OK with one minor exception. Adobe does not yet have a 64 bit player for Flash so be a bit patient. Maybe when they do get one it will work better than their current 32 bit does in IE 8.
  7. GOOD INFORMATION Mjnelson99 - save to another disk is the way to go for sure !
    Glad all worked out for the install - good to know about Adobe Flash, they need to make that happen, kinda hard to do without that one - Thanks!

    "Everyday is a new day - Just like a box of chocolates, never know what you are going to get!" :o
  8. jlivens said:

    And i'm well on my way to recover the old mails....

    Mozbackup makes it simple
  9. Flash isn't that big of a deal anyway... 32-bit IE is the default browser, even if you're running 64-bit Windows. MS is aware that some very popular plugins don't yet work on 64-bit browsers.
  10. Good posts from the (2) Regulars - JackNaylorPE & Zoron - Thanks - Make it a great day!

    "Keep pushing forward - Let's not go back to Dos!"
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