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Does anybody else experience the extremely slow streaming for the videos?

On a broadband connection it's taking me at least 10-15 minutes to wait for each toms hardware video to finish downloading, watching it while its still downloading means buffering every 3-5 seconds.

Is this just me?
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  1. Me too, the iPhone activation video is terribly slow. I was able to see about 7 seconds after 15 minutes...
  2. Sorry you guys are having issues. Generally speaking, we have not had a lot of feedback regarding play speed, but I will have our network guy take a look.

  3. I as well suffer intolerable DL times.

    I've watched episodes in the recent past with the same problem. My solution, load page, pause, go play a game or grab a bite to eat, 40 minutes later enjoy twitchguru goodness.

    Its obvious why you don't have a direct download link, page ad revenue.
    But why not add a download link and some advertising in the episode, that solves the $ problem and also broadens your viewer base to people with portable video players and cellphones.

    What im getting at is the show is entertaining and a great way to kill 5 minutes stuck in traffic or on the subway, this is the way i watch webbalert, diggnation and other misc vids.

    anyway, its been 10 minutes now i can watch the 1st minute of this episode.

    thx guys
  4. I have 0 problems with the videos and loading them takes me 10-15 seconds and no problem with buffering. I have a 20 Mbps Verizon Fios connection so that may be it; I don't know where the server hosting the video is located or if there are mirrored servers elsewhere for users in other countries and if that may be the problem. Is this a constant problem or only when trying to watch during peak access times/newly released vids?
  5. It is problematic from where I live, too (TR). Tho, I am more let down by the player itself than the download speed. When the video is buffering, you cannot pause the video, you have to catch that few seconds when the video is playing before it gets to another buffering session. It is quite silly!. I am guessing they haven't tested the player for lower bandwidth situations.

    Please hear me out! I'd like to be able to pause the video to properly wait for the downloading of the video without trying to catch that valuable few seconds..
  6. You can pause it dude.
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