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My work today gave me a Quadro FX 3400 PCI-E that was de-integrated from a customers server who ordered an upgrade. Well I was reallly excited since I just upgraded my system over the weekend and actually needed a PCI-E card. Well when I got home hooked it up and hooked up a 4pin molex to 6pin PCI-E adapter and the system wouldnt boot at all, I thought it might have been my power supply with 350watts but I tried it in a friends with a 500watt PS with the same issue. The motherboard has its LED for power but nothing will turn on. The card did come from an IBM system so I'm thinking it might be proprietary but not sure. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have an AM2 Athlon 3800+, 1GB DDRII, 350Watt PSU, also the motherboard takes a 24pin power connector but my PSU only has 20pin but still boots without the video card installed.
  2. Quote:
    That is one high end workstation video card. It will suck alot of power. So your 350W will not do at all. And chances are your friends 500W didn't have enough amps to power the card either.

    Sorry, but that's competely false. 350W should be sufficient. A quick check of the Quadros on Newegg will confirm this. Workstation card hardware is very similiar to a gaming card's and their power requirements are similiar too. The high cost comes from the highly optimized drivers for the workstation card.

    You said you just upgraded over the weekend and needed a PCI-E card. Were you running onboard and is this the first time you've put a graphics card in it? Please list your hardware specs (Model, Manuf. etc.)
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