DDR2 Ram Heat Spreaders

I am building a new Core 2 Duo system based around the asrock 775 dual vsta board (graphics card reasons - will change mobo and gpu later on but for now this is the board I am getting)

That being said I am also getting this memory


Again no point spending too much when I will upgrade in 07 when I get a new mobo

That being said I would quite like to add some heat spreaders for practical ( I will be overclocking) and coolness reasons

I quite like these blue ones here


But they dont say they are for DDR2 whereas other heat spreaders do

So my questions are these:

1) Will these fit DDR2 memory?

2) IF not can anyone point me in the direction of a UK site that supplies heat spreaders in funky colours not just copper?

Thanks I hope you can help
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  1. Your links don't work for us. In any case, most heat just gets conducted away through the DIMM PC board's traces. If you want to add a heat spreader, just make sure it is contacting all the RAM chips on your DIMM.
  2. Heatsinks will become a MUST at 667 CL4 or above.
    533 can get away without them since they arent producing heat.
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