3DMark06 Score?? Normal? Or slow?

Hi all, I'm new to the boards so....umm..sup.

I've read some other posts that are similar to mine but couldn't figure out a solution to my problem (if it indeed is one).

I've run 3DMark06 a couple of times and I seem to receive a low score. Here are the results:

3DMark Score 3859 3DMarks
SM2.0 Score 1719
HDR/SM3.0 Score 1731
CPU Score 967

I used these settings:
Width 1280
Height 1024
Anti-Aliasing None
Anti-Aliasing Quality 0
Texture Filtering Optimal
Anisotropic Level 1
VS Profile 3_0
PS Profile 3_0
Force full precision No
Disable HW shadow mapping No
Disable post-processing No
Force software vertex shader No
Color mipmaps No
Force software FP filtering No
Repeat tests Off
Fixed framerate Off

My Setup is as follows:

Cpu: Pentium 4 640 (3.20GHz)
mobo: AW8-MAX(Intel i955-ICH7)
Ram: 2G DDR2-533MHz
Vid Card: Albatron 7800GTX 256MB
H.disk: WD 250G sata II

Any hints as to why this seems to be so slow?? Or is this normal? I seem to see people with similar setups with marks above 5000...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Looks normal to me.
  2. Whatever.

    If you'll want a better score in a pointless benchmark, rob a bank, and build yourself a $15,000 PC. :roll:

    Simple answer:
    Nothing looks wrong.
  3. Looks good.
  4. It's normal. it would be a fair bit higher if you had a Dual Core CPU as 06 seems to love dual cores, have a look at 05. It is a much better graphics benchmark than 06.
  5. Fair enough. I'll give '05 a try. I was just checking to make sure everything was up to scratch.

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