Intel 946GZIS Wont boot

I just purchaced a Intel D946GXis and installed a new dual core 1.8 processor, and pc4200 memory. I can not eve get the bois to come up. I'v checked all of the power connections and they seem to be fine. when I press the power button the CPU fan comes on, the DVD player light comes on for a sec. then turns off. but nothing comes up on the monitor.
Any help would be great. Thanks
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  1. Well,
    some component might not be working properly.

    You might check if the memories are well placed, and if the CPU FAN is on, my SOYO mobo (dragon plus kt333) that i had, shuted down automaticaly if the cpu fan was of or too low, to prevent damage of the cpu.
  2. DonK1967 have same board and e4300 same proplem

    case is Antec Aria sff
    300 watt PS
    1 gig dual channel pc5200 ( buffalo)
    wd 320 gig hd
    18x samsung dvd+/_ RW
    using stock fan
    using on board video

    next step as I had to quit last night is to remove and
    check cpu and heatsink reseat and
    edit removed and reassembled,,first check cpu fan and make sure
    is down tight,, had one loose corner,,, reset cmos ..
    I now have video,, won't see dvd+/-rom now,,, jumper setting
    (Pata) for now
    any other thoughts,
    PS possibly
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