eVGA Geforce 7950GT X1 overclock?

How to overclock eVGA Geforce 7950GT X1? I read that review on toms hardware about this card, and it seemed to me like he used some easy to use graphical interface to change the clock freqency and even test it, i would like to do the same.

i have not tried the bits reg hack or whatever but if thats the way most people go i might try that.

any input would be apreciated
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  1. Try coolbits. I tried to OC my BFG 7950GT and the slider settings would not stay after I pressed the test button. Try it and let me know how it does for you.
  2. no one ever replys to my topics? 96 views and no one has any input? please if im stupid just tell me im stupid and its easy to over clock i just didnt look hard enough or someone say something? am i asking the question incorrectly

    Just when i was getting impatent thank you Irish_Aaron

    Question for you Irish i dont even know how to get to the sliders, can you tell me that atleast, what menu do i gain access to those sliders through?
  3. i will gladly let you know irish, im at work now though so i will have to wait till i get home, i get home alittle after 6PM central
  4. http://oc3dmark.octeams.com/tip02.html

    Follow this and it'll tell you how to enable coolbits. Not sure if value 3 will work for you. In some configurations you'll have to enter 1a - search the web for info on coolbits values - I didn't bother.

    When enabled, you'll get an overclock menu in your driver. If using a recent driver, go to start - settings - control panel - nvidia control panel - 3d options - and you should have overclocking.

    I'm sitting on a hp workstation with some silly onboard chip right now, so perhaps the names aren't 100% - but it can't really go too wrong

    Edit : By the way - if only one slider (memory or core) is moved, the test button sometimes doesn't work. So move both sliders every time you want to test.

    Alternatively take a look at firingsquads forums - I saw a thread on overclocking benchmarks where they mentioned serveral good tools for overclocking nvidia cards.
  5. thanks a whole lot man!
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