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does anyone know how to make a Windows ME rescue disk...(i think it's disks(4))....

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  1. I've never heard of a rescue disk for WinME. Rescue disks are usually associated with antivirus programs. If you have an antivirus program check the help file for instructions.

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  2. has a whole bunch of boot disks, if those are what you're looking for.

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  3. if you are speaking of a system restore disk (ms backup), follow these instructions:

    Microsoft Backup is not an option during Windows Me installation. To install the backup applet, do the following:
    Browse the Windows Me CD-ROM and open the Add-Ons folder.
    Open the Msbackup folder.
    Double-click msbexp.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

    if disaster strikes, and you've used MS Backup to back up your files, and you need to restore your system with this disk, pop the floppy into the A: drive and from the subsequent menu, choose the "Start Computer with CD-ROM Support." Now, at the command prompt, type the following: D: CD TOOLS\SYSREC PCRESTOR, where D is your CD drive letter (yours may be different). The PCRESTOR.BAT file starts an automatic version of Win 98/ME Setup, and then cranks up the System Restore Wizard. Once this is on screen, take out the floppy disk, click Next in the System Restore Wizard, and you'll see the MS Backup Welcome screen. Click "Restore Backed Up Files" and click OK. You'll need to indicate where your backup files have been stored (on the hard drive, a Zip or Jaz drive, a CD-ROM, a box of floppies, whatever), then you'll choose the most recent system backup and when asked what to restore, check everything. When it asks where to restore the data, choose "Original Locations." The how is "Always replace the file on my computer." Win ME users, for some unknown reason Microsoft saw fit to remove MS Backup from your OS's standard setup, so you'll either need a third-party backup system or you'll need to install it from the original CD -- look in \ADD-ONS\MSBACKUP\. Also, you may get any of several error messages about the INDEX.DAT file. Don't worry about it, the file will be regenerated and corrected the first time you fire up Internet Explorer.

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