Intel Conroe E6600 temperature question...

Hey i got the intel conroe e6600 and when my computer is at idle my processor's both core temperatures is at 45 degress celcius. I'm using intel's stock heatsink... I was wondering if this is normal or somethign is wrong? Because I've heard that it should be running 25-30 degrees.
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  1. 45 wont hurt

    but im running at 32 idle (both cores)

    if u recently built it wait couple of weeks till the paste gets on there probably, and it should bring that temp down
  2. alright cool ye i built it a week ago.. just didn't had enough money to get an extra heatsink cuz i wanted to get good ram and stuff, but arctic freezer 7 should be good u all think for overclocking? and keeping the temps low. I only want to take it to 3.0ghz.
  3. See the core temprature is normal. You should check if the heatsink if installed properly. But i according to me there is no problem.

    ALso The temprature of the processor depends highly on the ambient temprature in which u are runnnig the system.

    Also if u don't have a TAC compliant cabinet the temprature of the cpu willl increae by 2 to 5 degrees
  4. Well, i read the stuff about the heatsink before i installed it i maked sure i hear the sound of it sitting down prefectly on the processor. since i read people said the stock heatsink requires extra push. then my room temperature is in 60s. i think i should give it a try with a different heatsink and see if it works better that way. otherwise i think the airflow is not decent with the setup i put it in. other thing i wanna add is when i open cpu-z it opens really laggish.. is it my computer or the new cpu-z version is buggy with the conroes?

    there is one more reason that can be causing this my power supply fan is right on top of my processor so its throwing all the hot heat into my processor.. is that can be one mature issuse for it being at 45 degrees?
  5. WELl according to what u have written . u don't need a new heatsink. In fact the stock heatsink for core2 duo's are good and they have some room for overclocking s well as they core2's run cooler.

    i guess if u are getting 45 deg then ur heatsink installation is correct.

    im not clear about the room tempratures

    Improve the airflow of the system by tying the cables and putting them to the side the drive bays. there should be minimum clutter over the motherboard to improve airflow

    The power supply fan sucks air and throws it out not push it in so it is kind of an exhaust not an intake.

    if u don't have a duct over ur cpu fan as shown in the photos of this case

    Then both the case fan and the power supply fan will pull the air out thus decreasing the airflow over the porocessor heatsink and thus incrasing its temprature.

    Also the temprature of the processor cannot go below the room temprature.

    about the lag during starting up of cpuz it's normal this is because cpuz reads information about ur computer everytime when it starts so it's normal i experience it my self . I also have a core 2 duo system.
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