Torn between 3 cases, input?

Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. Im building a new gaming rig, and currently, Im really torn on what case to use! Here are the three im pondering atm, and I hope, perhaps some of you can give me some input and help me make the best choice possible.

Most pricey of the bunch, more then Id like to spend on my case, however the brushed aluminum, and class of the case is tempting.

Nice price, heard alot of good things about it. Im just wondering how this case is on the eyes? Pictures make it hard for me to tell.

And lastly,

Also heard alot of good things. The design is a bit less elegant then others, but again, pictures make it hard to tell. Also has a simple layout that is effective and looks easy to use.

And lastly, what power supply would you recomend, respectively, for each of the cases? I know the first two, supposedly, have some issues with fitting certain PSU and also cable problems, so tips be appreciated!

Thanks in advance everyone and I hope you can all help me decide what to get!
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  1. I can vouch for the P180. I have had many cases but the P180 is the nicest Ive ever had. It is very quiet, has plenty of room, and looks great. The power supply is a little tricky to put in but its well worth it. I have mine watercooled and all the components fit inside and on the top, but you can put a single 12cm radiator inside if you want.
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