$510 left for my first PC build. Give me some suggestions.

Ok, what I have so far for $200. I only have $800 to spend.
I know I am getting XP Home OEM- $90.
What I need is CPU, GPU, MOBO, and RAM.

I want to let you know that I will be using this for medium gaming, the rest will be surfing. No Cad or anything. I will consider some configurations a few $ over $510, nothing ridiculous thought. I dont plan on getting another purchase until a few more weeks. I would like to wait as long as possible for the prices to fall on cpu, mobo, ram, etc. I will probaly get the OS and GPU for my next purchase. I have to but this stuff in 4 clumps, cant afford it all at once. This is my first build as well. I have done upgrades though.

I like this GPU. I dont plan on getting DirectX10 until next year, this will tie my over till then. Its also a great price.

I ask you to give me the best configuration and or suggestions for what I will use the PC for. I will consider both AMD and Intel. I only like Nvidia though. I would like a Motherboard that is upgradable, must have 4 dimm slots, 1 PCI-e slot is enough. I want to stick with AM2 or LGA775 sockets for upgrades.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Nice choices, good video card pick too. Change the power supply though. Looks cheap to me. This would be sufficent:


    Have fun :D
  2. I already got the PSU from newegg monday, it will work for me and what I need to do. That one doesn't have a blue LED though, lol just kidding.

    Thanks for the completment on the GPU, I really dont know how to OC, so that one is the best choice for me.

    Do you suggest Athlon 64 3500+, X2 4200+ or C2D 6300? If I get the C2D, then mobo is more expensive, but I get more performance.
  3. Does any like this MOBO?


    Would like NOT to spend more than $120 on mobo.
  4. Well, the case is alright for what I need. Its ATX, 3 fans, side panel. I really dont mind the cheap case that should have arrived today, it didnt't, but its really ok. I might add some when I get the extra money.

    I need sugges. for the hardware.
  5. The link is wrong. It goes to the video card again.
  6. Sorry about that. Just changed it.

    Here is my wishlist.


    -$65 in Mail in Rebates=$747. Anything I can upgrade?
  7. Quote:

    Uh, that link does not work. Either your "wishlist" has been removed or you just didn't make it a public wishlist. (If you update the link, make sure you are NOT logged into newegg.com when you test it).

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