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what should be the last video card to my system?

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October 20, 2006 2:01:11 AM

hello im new in posting and i dont know where to start asking some help..

My present hardware are

Processor: AMD64 3200+ (s939)
mobo: MSI K8NGM2-IL
memory : 2X 512 DDR400 (PQI)
HD: seagate 80gig 7200rpm (sata)

Im planning to buy a video card to put it in my system and im waiting for the release of the latest video card like the up coming Nvidia (g80) or the ATi (R600). Will my hardware can manage this kind of video card? I really dont have enough budget to buy all new hardware rig..

thnx for the help

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October 20, 2006 2:08:05 AM

You haven't told us your price range.
But that being said, for about $290 you could get a Geforce 7800GT. For $140 you could get a Geforce 7600GT.

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October 20, 2006 2:25:14 AM

im very sorry for putting my topic to the wrong place but thnx for your help. i cant give a price range bec. i just what to know if my money is worth saving buying the up coming video card than buy this present video card like 7600GT.
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October 20, 2006 2:29:09 AM

Its all cool. Just remember to look before you post. :D 
What games do you want to play? The 7600GT is pretty sufficient for most games.
Its a pretty good stop gap card till you buy a DX10 card up upgrade your entire system.
October 20, 2006 2:48:09 AM

A dx10 card might look a bit out of proportion compared to the rest of your system, and i don't know but it could even be bottlenecked by it. A 7600gt or a step up to a x1900xt would be pretty sweet and would go well with what you got then save your penny's for a new box.
October 20, 2006 5:27:30 AM

yeah i know it wierd but i just found some article about in game( ) i know this article is very out dated but the game and os still what we use now
and it said that most game today is base of the power of video card and i just thought if i buy now a video card which is sm 3.0 while a few week from now a new video card will support sm 4. then i thought maybe it worth to wait and i just wonder if it will really fitted to this kind of system which i have now :) 
October 20, 2006 6:23:42 AM

You should rather check your psu for the energy monsters that Nvidia and ATI are unleashing upon the world... :wink:
October 20, 2006 8:09:26 AM

my psu is 500watt that what the store said but when i open it up it was written 480watt.. but i guess this is enough to handle..

but still can a single processor like mine can handle this kind of video card and can perform to its level?
October 20, 2006 10:23:35 AM

Personally I don't think you'll get all the performance out of the card that you would like. Rather save up and get a whole new system. That's what I would do.
October 20, 2006 11:58:39 AM

Agree with Locky and DSN. Pick up a 7600GT and start saving up for a new system down the road. That 7600 should hold you over until mid next year until future software comes out.
October 20, 2006 1:15:12 PM

I agree with the rest. An x850xtpe or 7600gt should suit you well. Your system should handle Dx10 cards without any fuss as well. If your planning to stick to 939 for a while longer, another gig of ram could also be beneficial. Just overclock that 3200+, get you a good DX9 Card, and be happy! (Save the DX10 jump for mid next year)
October 20, 2006 1:45:22 PM

You haven't told us your price range.
But that being said, for about $290 you could get a Geforce 7800GT. For $140 you could get a Geforce 7600GT.

The 7600 GT is a great buy, but the 7800 GT is one of the worst cards money can buy at this time.

If you can afford ~$200, the X1900 GT is great, cheaper than the 7800 GT, and faster too. Even faster than the new 7900 GS.
October 20, 2006 1:52:59 PM

Or an X1650XT, we have them in the shops now, in the UK, for what would be $130 ish... I have seen some 3dmark scores of it being about 20% faster then the 7600GT...
October 20, 2006 2:11:37 PM

X1650 XT in the shops?

Are you sure you're not thinking X1650 PRO (which is a rebadged X1600 XT)?
October 20, 2006 2:48:33 PM

You haven't told us your price range.
But that being said, for about $290 you could get a Geforce 7800GT. For $140 you could get a Geforce 7600GT.

Edited because of the move.

Why on earth did you even mention a 7800GT?
October 21, 2006 1:20:16 AM

thnx for the info guys actually i only use the integrated video in my mobo. hoping that if my rig can still keep up to this up coming video card then i rather save this money. and maybe a bigger chance that my rig will have a life span about 2 yrs.(Which can still play up coming games) enough time to buy a new rig. and maybe 2 yrs. is enough that all hardware and software is more mature and of course cheaper. :) 

and guys 7600GT is the best budget video card in the market today right?? but i see sum product line Inno3D 7600GST which using DRR3 and it much cheaper. compare with 7600GT which is much more better in price/performance?