build failure, why?

I just built a pentium d 805 system, on a asrock motherboard, the first time i built it, the motherboard had a broken memory channel, and i had to wait for a replacement. in the mean time the proc was knocked into a box of styrofoam popcorn thingies.

now that i have rebuilt it, it turns on, the motherboard makes a faint beep after a while, and then it shuts down

could the proc be broken? bios?

asrock 775i65G mobo
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  1. Yep, he's right. CPU is prob broken to put it in a technical term...Suggest taking it back to Intel HQ themselves and saying it's broken while pointing at the CPU and don't stop until they give you a new one...Heck, if that don't work then take it back to the place you got it from...Or you'll possibly starve, depends on what comes first. Could laugh at you for something like that but they put that down to randon people syndrome, r a simple accident.
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