New gaming build, AB9 Pro, OC - yes

I'm building a mid range gaming PC to moderately OC. Here's what I have drawn up:

MB: Abit AB9 PRO -

CPU: E6400 C2D -


VC: 7900 GS -

PSU - Seasonic S12 500w -

CPU Cooling: Zalman 9500 -

Case: Lian li PC7b Plus -

HD: Seagate Baracuda 320gb -

Opt: Mad Dog DVD R/W -

Drive: 3.5 floppy ftw~!

OP: Win XP Pro

I'm trying to keep within budget but splurging on a couple things. I'm interested in feedback about compatibility problems... is the 500w PSU adequate?...can I cool without water if I stay away from really extreme OC settings? I'm thinking Matrix Orbital too :) but that can wait for now.

I should add, I picked up a 7900 GS cheap and plan to use it until the next generation of graphics cards become so fast and inexpensive I can't help upgrading ( about 90 days ! ).

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  1. everything looks great, but personally i would get this video cardinstead

    and as far as ur heatsinks goes..

    i heard the zalmans 9700 are bigger than 9500 and they are going to be released soon.

    like the psu u choose btw 8)
  2. Everything looks good, though I have a suggestion for a different video card. The 7900GS is overpriced for the performance level. Check out my little analysis here.

    I haven't updated it lately but all you have to do is get the current prices and used the average FPS that I came up with to get a new price/perf ratio.

    Personally, I'd wait another 3 weeks. The X1950Pro is suppose to be available as well as the DX10 cards from NVidia. Now, I don't say to get a DX10 card, I just think that some of the current prices might come down a little. If the X1950Pro comes in at $199 like some sites have speculated, that card will be the best bang for the buck.

    Otherwise, if you want a card now, the X1900GT is a better card on average than the 7900GS. Check out some benchmarks and see which video card is better for the games you intend to play.
  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Purdueguy: I liked your graphic card analysis. I'm still going with the 7900 gs, however. Mainly because I already bought it, much cheaper than price you used however. (probably they've all gone down) But, it's p/fps ratio is 3.56 for comparison's sake.

    I wanted something cheap to hold me over about a year until DX10 cards have arrived and come down in price, but not too cheap. Essensially, I want a fast gaming system but I'm not paying the extra
    $1,500 to get that last 25 fps with faster everything on the market at this moment.

    Regarding the PSU. If I plan to run one R600 card sometime in the future and it bumps my power needs up by 125 watts do I really need an 800W PSU? I really don't see myself buying 2 DX10 cards @$300 a each or more. I calculated my current needs to be 475 for the system I'm building. I could bump up to a 600 watt PS without breaking the budget. Am I too focused on the Seasonic S12's? Or should I get a less expensive, less efficient PSU in the 750W range?

    Thanks again for all the input.
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