WinXP install problem, 250gb HDD showing as 130gb

Hey what's up guys?
I just finished putting together a new PC for a friend of mine, it was my first build by myself (although i assisted another friend of mine in building one before and i took apart and put back my computer a few times, so i ain't a complete no0b).
Now, everything seems to be working flawlessly, except when i start to install winXP, the very first step is to create a partition, you know which menu i'm talking about. The thing is, it lists the only unpartitioned drive it sees @~130gb, but it's a 250gb hdd! Now i considered just giving it the go ahead to create the c: on the 130gb, but i'm kind of unsure about how i would be getting the rest of it back after that, so i decided to ask first. What should i do?
Facts: the bios sees the hdd correctly as a 250gb, it's a Western Digital 2500JS, the mobo is ASUS M2NPV-VM.
Please help folks!

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  1. Its ok, just install it to 130gb then install SP2 once Windows is up and running and you'll be able to see the rest of the room. You can then create a seperate partition on the remaining space or use Partition Magic to expand the existing C: partition to include the rest of the space.

    Or alternatively you can just install from an XP SP2 disc.
  2. Hey yeah I had this exact same problem with my 300GB SATA drive I just put in my new computer. When I went to format the partition it only said it was 131GB. I formatted it anyways and installed windows. Then I went to the control panel, administrative tools, computer management and then looked at the disk management section under storage, it showed the 131GB partition and also a 151GB unallocated partition. So it's all there. I'm not sure whats limiting the initial partition to 130GB but if anyone can tell me how I can get all of it on one partition I would like to hear that as well. THanks!
  3. If you are booting off from a Windows XP SP1 or less you do not have 48bit adressing enabled for hard drives, thus it is at 32bit which has a 137GB limitation. If you can slipstream SP2 into your installation you should see the whole drive. If you can't make a SP2 installation you could make a partition of like 40gb or more and put windows xp on that and then after WinXP is installed enable 48bit after installing SP1 or better and make a second partion of the now whole remaining disk.

    In the very least you must have SP1.

    Microsoft Knowledgebase
  4. Alright, thanks for the help man. It's a relief to know it's not really a problem. Good day to you.

    p.s. i am canadian too ;)
  5. It could be the HDD jumper.. On my Seagate. I know it is very old. But on the back i have the option of putting the jumper in a slot were it limits my HDD from 40gb to 32gb.
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