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I just saw on the Dell site that their 30inch monitor has been reduced to 1279. That is incredible, just a month or so ago it was 2299. My question is WHY??? Is it simply a case of it not selling well because it only does 1280 and 2536 resoultions. Or, does anyone know or suspect that they are getting ready to upgrade the 30 with a monitor that does all the resolutions in between which we be a much more useful monitor!! Any know or have any thoughts on this???
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  1. i know that dell panels are the same as the benq and apple 30 inch screens of comperable price. This may just be the market adapting for the decrease in cost for producing these panels. Also, the market seems to be moving toward larger format screens. Maybe dell is just preping a 30 inch with more inputs than just the dvi. Who knows, your guess is as good as mine. 8)
  2. A monitor is something you shouldn't have to regularly upgrade. If you're going to get something, wait a bit for something that has much more resolution support as well as vga imputs.

    I have a samsung 240T (the 244T and 245T are better, but eh) and its awesome. When I first got it, I couldn't believe the desktop room. I also have a LaCie 22 BLUE CRT thats 22" but support 2048 x 1536. Its a nicer monitor, but takes up more than enough room on my desktop so i switched to my samsung.

    Its funny really. Before 1998, I had used nothing larger than a 10" laptop screen. Then I got a 17" crt and thought, "Wow, its huge". Then I got a 19", 20" then 21". Then I got my 22" CRT and 24" samsung (most of this stuff is refurbished). You get accustomed to a certain size and then you want bigger. I'd be worried that if i got a 30" lcd, i'd end up buying a second one b/c i'd want more room. :lol:

    I was considering buying an apple or dell 30" (I don't like the dell brand, but the price is VERY GOOD), but after reading the supported resolutions, I'm holding out. Maybe I'll just get another samsung, mount 2 of them vertically and place them side by side. Now thats a big desktop.

    If you don't mind having something as "small" as a 22", you could get an old lacie 22" crt. It's one of the best monitors I've ever seen. Otherwise, hold out till 30" screens have more support.
  3. I saw that too, but I didn't bat an eye. I expect prices to go down, especially since LCD's are becoming more and more mainstream. I've seen 22" widescreens for 300 and 17" under 100. I'm really waiting for a 24" under 400 and then we're talking buisness.

    LCD's are just getting more and more popular, also with the advent of HD everything, production costs are going down due to economies of scale. Just go with the flow, and buy when they're cheap.
  4. On the otherhand the Dell 24" widescreen is quite good. It supports all kinds or resolutions and has many inputs. That is if you can handle such a small monitor...(-;
  5. I have two Dell 24" monitors in DVI mode running out of an ATI V7100. I have to say that this is the the most incredible setup available. Of course you could get two 30"...but that is really overkill.

    Plus a side note...the first panel that I got was a Rev 02. There was a minor bug in that when I had the DVI selected...when I went to power it down and take it to another room to play a DVD with SVHS it was stuck in DVI and would not switch sources. I had to re-connect it to my computer while in DVI mode and then switch it to SVHS...then power down while in SVHS mode...when it was restarted it was in SVHS mode and thus...problem solved.

    In the Rev 03 model that I ordered a few months later...(I was still using my old 19" monitor for extra desktop space) this problem was fixed.

    Anyways...I think two 24" is the way to go without having to actually turn your head so far from one side to the other to see your desktop edges. Two 30" monitors and your neck is gonna get really sore...or you will just end up with a really big neck.

  6. I just upgraded from a Dell 2405FPW to a Westinghouse 42 inch.... It has a lower resolution than the Dell..... 1920x1080 vs 1920 x 1200 but it really doesn't bother me at all. I can see text clearly with no eyestrain and the games/DVDs look really awesome. Now I've just got to sell that dang Dell.

  7. Under 400 and I'll buy!!!

    I'm actually looking at the projector market over the HDTV and LCD's market. Once Projectors look just as good as 1080p HDTV's then I'm more than willing to get that instead. However, the new SED techonology coming out might beat out Projectors by quite a bit (100,000:1 contrast... wtf). Either way, I'm waiting a bit longer to see whats going to happen in the home theater area.
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