Will this cpu and this laptop work for what i want it to do

Hello All

I got a computer after 3 mouths of not having one. and i was tired of getting my desktop's stolen. the first one my ex best friend stole and then my 2nd one i had a fire and lost that. so i got a laptop. and i think it is a nice laptop for the price i paid.

The spec's are as followed


Amd Athlon 64 3400+ 2.2GHz L1 128k + L2 1MB 1600HT ClawHammer
1.0GB DDR333 2X512MB Max 1.5GB
80.0GB 4200RPM 8MB Cache ATA100
Ati Radeon x600 128MB + 128MB HyperMemory 400/550 Pci-E 16x
Dvd-RW Dual-Layer
15.4 WideScreen 1280X800 Res

$600 with overnight am shipping

I want to play WoW,COD,COD2,Half-Life2. I think it will play them just fine. but i would like to know so i know if i should buy them games or not. 8O

It is in perfect Cond. :D

Please let me know.

Thanks :D
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  1. Everything looks fine to me.
  2. It's been two weeks now and I still haven't received payment for this laptop after the first echeck didn't clear through PayPal. Hopefully I'll see that $600, soon.
  3. Anybody know Brian (Killz86) well? I need to get ahold of him about paying me for this laptop.....
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