Last minute revisions on build, ordering today afternoon

After all the done research and whatsoever i came up with all of these parts from new egg:


DVD Burner/Drive:


(Now the only reason i got this over the x1900xt is cus all the x1900xt is sold out on new egg -_-





Total : $1,188.86 shipped

What do you guys think, is it future proof. That ram is probably the biggest bite in the as* in my wallet. Do you also find the case to be pretty good ? Also do i need any extra 3rd market cooling to OC my e6400/ram to a noticeable performance or is the stock cooling just fine? This will be my first time actually OC'ing. Please comment.
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  1. Update::

    Changed GPU into a Asus radeon x1900xt 256mb
  2. Hi, I think everything is pretty good. Although different research and tests show that Ocing a Core 2 duo on stock fan is possible, and results in stable operation. If you have 30 dolars more to spare you could buy a decent HS, Fan; which will help you through the Ocing process.

    For the HS, Fan I recommend Gygabyte and specially Zalman which has a very good reputation. Everything is good and is future proof. I recently bought a similar system.

    If you like cases with leds and transparent window, you look several cases with similar prices. If you only look a plain, serious case, I think thats perfect.
  3. looks like a very nice build. Stock HSF should be fine for 3.0Ghz! Consider some cheaper G.Skill, OCZ, or Geil RAM to save $50+ with the same (or better) performance
  4. That DDR2 800 TWIN2X2048-6400C4 RAM is rated @ 4-4-4-12-2T at 2.1v.
    Some 965 chipsets don't like to post with high speed higher voltage RAM installed. Although the PDF file says this RAM "Boots at JEDEC standard latencies"
    Some 965 owners have had to boot up with a stick of cheap 1.8v RAM so they could do a BIOS update which usually fixes the high speed higher voltage RAM issue.

    The stock HSF gives adequate cooling for 3.0Ghz but you'll hear the fan working hard. It gets pretty noisy. For $30 you can get ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro that will keep the CPU cooler, run quieter and is easy to install.
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro review
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