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Hi guys,

I am using a GA-965P-DQ6 mobo, core 2 duo 2.4 ghz, and a 580W power supply. when i start the computer, the cpu fan spins for a fraction of a second (not even one revolution) and then stops. the side fans spin about once or twice and then stop. im sure its not a power issue but i think the heatsink is not properly installed. two of the connectors click into place and 2 do not. there seems to be some purple cylinders blocking it. could this be the problem. i also get 1 beep for about a second, then it seems to restart and spin the fans and give a 1 sec beep again. if anyone knows about why this is, please let me know. thanks.
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  1. Blah dont ever turn on a computer ever with out the heatsink installed correctly. Just because the fans spin a couple times doesnt mean its NOT a power issue. These purple cylinders would they happen to be capaciters? if they are and metal is contacting the metal top that could possibly be your problem.
  2. Check the memory, I've seen the same issue and it was incorrect modules for the board...
  3. the heatsink not being on has no real connection to the fans not spinning as the PSU gives the fans power either directly or via the mobo. Just wouldnt advise turning it on :)

    I had a simular problem with my PC when i moved. The fans spun then stopped on boot. It turned out to be a Power Supply problem ie it died. It seems a simular case to what you have so I'd check there first.

    The capacitor idea in previous post could also be a good bet.
  4. I didnt mean to say the heatsink not being on was the cause i was just doing my bat to head dont do that for the love of hardware thing ;) i would agree it is the PSU but if hes got a piece of metal resting on a capaciter it could be the issue. The beeps dont really match bad ram though only time i ever got 1 long beep over and over with ram is when i put 1 gig sticks in one channel and 512 meg sticks in the second in dual channel configuration. Safise it to say my motherboard didnt like that much D:
  5. ok,
    A: never put on your computer with a bad mounted heatsink
    B: which heatsink are you using
    C: is the heatsink correct aligned with the socket? why are those capacitors in the way?

    really, the first thing to do is to get the heatsink mounted ok!!
    question schould be, why doesn't it fit. :?
  6. Thanks guys for all your responses. the psu i have is not faulty cos i have used 2 different ones. it turns out that firstly one of the dimm sockets was broken. so now it boots :)

    but im worried now about the comments of duthoy. the heatsink im using is the standard one that came with my core 2 duo. i dont know what the cylinders are that are blocking the full mounting of the heatsink. if you wouldnt mind taking a look at a pic of the mobo (just type it in google) and its the 8 or 9 small circles that appear around the cpu socket that appear to cause the problem.

    stupid question now: does it matter how the heatsink is aligned with the socket? i mean till now ive just been making sure that the 4 pins fit into the holes on the mobo. but basically the heatsink appears to be quite secure on the cpu cos 3pins fit into place. if the computer powers off after about 30 sec, is this cos the heatsink is not placed properly?
  7. Your still turning the computer on with out a properly secured heatsink you dont deserve that cpu!
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