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Got a job building a server that has to use Linux. Server to be used as a national educational data base for teachers.
Dual P-III 450's, (2) ATA-100 80 gig HD's in RAID 0, 512meg PC-100 ECC RAM. Could REALLY use a suggestion as to what type of Linux to install. Have toyed w/ using 2.2 flavor, but know squat. I'm a Novell man, despise Not Tested, Never Tried and Not Today (i.e. NT). New to this Linux thingy.
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  1. I would use linux mandrake 8.0 comes with nice configuration tools so you dont have to maually configure with a text editer. I use this distributions as a web server, mysql, and dhcp server works great.
  2. Turbolinux and slackware are generally more widely used in the server area I think. But Mandrake is easier to set up and will do fine.

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  3. They are all pretty good. I would use the 2.4 kernel, and not lose too much sleep over it. Just be sure you use some decent database server software and you should be cool.

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