How fast should i go with this E6300/533Mhz DDR2 Set up ?

I currently have a C2D E6300, Gigbyte DS4 mobo, Freezer Pro7 cooler and 2x 1GB g.skill DDR2 533mhz ram.

So far I have it running at 2.8Ghz totaly stable and 31C-32C under load.
Which, from what i have been reading about how important ram speeds are, is quite good. The tempreture also seems quite low... but how far should i take it?

My current bios settings are
Memmory multiplier: 2.0,
All enhancments bar TM2: turned off
That gets me 2.66 then i push it 6% in EasyTuner5 for 2.81.

but how much further should i expect to take that setup?

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  1. So youre saying your Gskill 533 has reached 380Mhz?? Can I see the link for it please.
  2. Yeah sure... its running even faster now! the system is at 3.01 (and going higher)
    I'm at work at the mo but i'll post when i get home.
    What's a good windows program for me to use ot display this info so i dont have to photograph my bios ?

    I 've had it up to 3.2Ghz but had stability due to undervolting the vCore...which is now sorted so its 3.2 and beyound tonight.

    May I ask why you want proof? ...
    Should it not go that high?
    Am I pushing it to much?
    is there danger of HW damage?
  3. you have 5300 speed ram so its actually 667mhz. i think youre confusing people with your topic stating u have 533mhz ram which is whats so amazing to actually OC with 4200/4300 ram.
  4. Unless I'm mistaken he's got his DDR2 667 RAM running at DDR2 916. He's got the FSB:DRAM locked at 1:1 ratio from what the Memory timings shows.
  5. *recovers from heart attack*
    Your memory ISNT 533Mhz its DDR2 667.
    Yeah that OC is much much more understandable, keep pushing at 2.4v is youre feeling a bit bold.
  6. Phew thought i'd got some rubbish ram there... :lol:
  7. Its still really damn good. Most 667 CL4 can only do 400Mhz FSB, youre way past that.
  8. yeh thats a sweet oc on the ram.

    gskill ram seems to do well way over spec :)
  9. Quote:
    yeh thats a sweet oc on the ram.

    gskill ram seems to do well way over spec :)

    High binning + the right chips + the right setting = RAM OCing heaven :D
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