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  1. Nice. What case is that? Lian Li?
  2. Yeah LL Warrior. the 120mm on top gets a little loud, but I don't mind. It's a great setup.
  3. Here's mine..

  4. My superlanboy with painted grille.

  5. Would be really cool without all the gay stickers
  6. Overall Shot:

    Side Shot:

    Close up inside shot:

    You cant really see it but I have 1" blue light legs, This is how I can have the 2 fan at the bottom.
  7. Outside


    Motherboard: ASUS P5B Deluxe
    CPU: E6400@ 3.2
    Memory: 2 gig OCZ DDR2 800 Rev. 2
    Hard Drives: 400GB WD 16MB Buffer & 300GB Maxtor 16MB Buffer
    CD-ROM drive: NEC 16x DVD-RW & Lite-on 16x DVD-RW
    Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830
    Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling 510 Watt Deluxe SLI
    Video Card: Powercolor X1900XT
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
    Mouse: Logitech MX 518
    Keyboard: AOPEN Slimline Keyboard
    Monitor: 20.1 inch Dell Widescreen flat panel
    OS: Windows XP Professional with SP2
    Speakers: Logitech Z5500
  8. Very nice guys, I would post mine but I'm currently at work...

    Quick question... I noticed your guys's wire management is awesome, mine is completely lack luster... I can never get it to look nice in there... what are some basic wire management tips? Anything you guys use to tie them down? What do you hide them behind?
  9. twist ties

    i tie things down to the strut bar and rubberband wires i dont use and hide excess in open optincal drive slots or on top of the psu...double sided tape also works to stick ide cables to the back plate of ur case and mobo backboard....or u could get a modular psu and use only what u need....

    if u wies are not wrapped electrical tape them into thin rolls carefully...the thinner the wires the more airflow
  10. Aye PSU of mine is wrapped. Thought about getting a modular one, but I needed a PSU right away...

    I will definately invest in some twist ties... because no matter how much I mod my case if the inside is all PSU cables dangling everywhere it looks terrible...

    When I polish off my new system with a E63-6400 I will work on cable management... thanks much :)
  11. has some fantastic colored zip-ties. Some of them are UV sensitive, and they come in several sizes. Definitely worth it for wire management.

    you can get them here

    Hey guys, how do you upload pictures instead of linking them, is that possible? :)
  12. Nice, sruane. Very nice!
  13. My next rig will have a modular PSU. So much cleaner. I think I'll go with round IDE's too.
  14. Zip ties are the devil... I used to work for a school district where I had to help setup and maintain 2000 pc's across 5 buildings. Each classroom had 3 or more systems and I had to do the very primitive cable management for those... what was my bosses solution? Zip ties... zip ties are permanent... and if you screw up, or lets say need to move something... you have to cut and re-tie them down... ugh zip ties make me cringe...

    However, I took a look at frozencpu (love that site), I noticed these . I completely forgot about those, I think those would help a ton, plus they have tie mounts and cable clamps... very spiffy... will definately be purchasing from them.
  15. i used those on my girlfriends shuttle...

    they came standard and man where they nice shuttle also gave me double sided tabe and adjustable non-permant zip ties with a lil lever to release and re tie.....

    i hate zips becuase i once ripped and ide and a sata cable because i pulled on them to move them and it cut into severing a link or two...
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