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Overclock on P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe

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October 20, 2006 3:07:50 PM


PSU = Thermaltake 650watt atx 2.0
Fan = Zalman CPS9500
Proc = Intel 805D 2.66GHZ @ 3.65GHz vcore = 1.288
MOBO = P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe 0401 bios
Graphics = eVGA 7950 GT
RAM = DDR2 Twinx cosair 2048 6400c ram 800MHZ
Hard drives = 2 x 300GB Maxtor 7200 rpm sata (RAID 0)
1 x 80GB seagate
OS = Windows XP 32 BIT

Ok so im overclocking a pentium D805 processor, i have the thing right now overclocked to 3.65 GHZ a 732 FSB divided by four being 183 external clock with no vcore increase, the vcore running at 1.288 volts, and its perfectly stable, here's where the problem is

Problem: so i have a Zalman CPS9500 keeps the processor relatively cool idling well below 40 Celsius full load can get as high as 49, but i know i can clock the processor higher and keep it stable with this fan, so for me to change the external clock on this board i have to change the FSB which is 4 x the external clock, so if go to 733 the system doesn't boot, 734 735 same thing, i have to power it off, power it on and the cpr kicks in and recovers the default settings, i tried increasing the core voltage but it still doesn't work.

Here's where it gets interesting, ok so i get frustrated, cause my goal ultimately is 800 fsb or 820 fsb for an external clock of 200 or 205 mhz which will equal a proc speed of 4.00 GHz or 4.10 GHz,

ok so im frustrated and just blast the FSB to 800, and i increase the core voltage to 1.6500 volts, and it boots i see 3999 mhz i get into the bios sitting at 52-53 degrees Celsius, im thinking any real load will kill it, but here's the pointer i set it to 1.6500 volts, when i check what the vcore is getting its sitting at 1.588 so my question here is, do you think its my power supply or over heating that i cant get my system to boot correctly when i pass 183 external clock? ill try and come up with screens and a tutorial of what I've done later but im at work right now.

my power supply is a thermal take 650 watt atx 2.0 power supply, i have the 8 pin rail plugged into the mobo, so i think it should have plenty of power, it doesn't make sense that its over heating to me cause i saw toms hardware with themputures of 72 degrees Celsius before crashing, thats not even burning up. plus it has TM2 so i really want to think its power. cause i can fix that, i want to do it with this board. but if anyone has any intel or if you guys need screens ill have them later.

oh yea i also have a eVGA Geforce 7950 GT video card, i have the supplemental 4 pin rail plugged into it also, does this drag away from the amperage of the 8 pin rail going to the mobo?

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October 23, 2006 4:07:57 AM

Marketing hyped much?
October 23, 2006 6:43:02 PM

ok so i got it all figured out, i didnt know enough about dividers and stuff, and there was no definitive information regaurding what i was doing wrong, but i found that after 732 mhz FSB my RAM had to be one to one 1:1 and i had to put in my timinings manually, i know noobish of me to leave them on auto, but with this board i am now sitting at 3.8 GHZ with the pentium D805 2GB tiwnx corsair ram 4 4 4 12 5 2 timings memory voltage 2.10 volts, and a vCore of 1.4000 volts which when i check the readings is arround 1.34 -1.36 volts, running idel at a cool 32 Degrees celcius and under full load 49-52 Degrees celcius and it only gets that warm cause i dont have proper air flow.

this is with the Zalman CPS9500, so it does cool really well. i can get 3.9 GHZ and stable with minor voltage changes, but it gets alittle warm, and 3.8 is fast enough for now.