Sapphire X1900XT or wait 5/6 months for DX10 to price drop

is it wise to buy a Sapphire X1900XT now or should i wait another 5/6 month to buy a DX10 cards. I am not sure cuz u know Dx10 based games are not gonna out normally except 2/3 titles .. till 2008...i think so. What u guys think? :? or any other cheap card that do the things for now?
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  1. Personally I'd go for it.. They are attractively priced now, And waiting in the technology world... Just isnt worth it, if you wait, there will be something better right around the corner when you decide to buy.. might as well wait on that.. you could wait forever.. Just isnt worth it imho.

    I think you're right.. DX10 wont be implemented for a while, And i have a feeling that the first dx10 cards are going to be a little buggy.. Look back at the geforce FX.. It'll be the 2nd generation of dx10 cards before i make the move to them.
  2. Get the card now. It's a great performer at a great price. PLUS, DX10 cards will be expensive when they come out for awhile. PLUS, very very few DX10 games for awhile. PLUS, give manufacturers a chance to work out the bugs on the DX10 cards (don't be their guinea pig). PLUS, if you wait you can see what the power requirements will be and whether or not you need to upgrade your PSU. PLUS, you can enjoy your gaming NOW instead of waiting at least half a's too short, enjoy it now.

    When you look at it those ways, seems like a pretty clear choice to me ;)
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