K9N Neo-F and no POST

Yesterday I recived my components for new computer. I put it together and found realy bad problem. I pluged monitor and keyboard.... Then I started it. But there was no POST, just a beep. I think it was a long beep, and that means that everything is OK. When I pushed power button, monitor (CRT) came from stand-by to working condition. But there was no picture on it. Second later CPU fan slowed down and computer beeped. I tried booting computer without DVD and other drives but no luck either. I tested graphic card and it is working. Then I tested power supply and it is working too. I can't try any other components here. I removed RAM and computer didn't beep and monitor was still in stand-by. If I remove graphic card computer beeps the same as before. I don't know what is wrong.

LC 550W Power Supply
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ AM2
Motherboard MSI K9N Neo-F
Patriot 1GB RAM DDR2
Graphic card ATI Radeon x800GTO
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  1. hi roli
    are you sure that 4pin socket is plugged to power?(4pin socket in m/b is near ps/2 port in the top of CPU socket)
  2. Yes! It is plugged.
  3. maybe ram isnot compatible with your m/b. for example, 2 channels of my kingston ram 512MB ddr2 533 some times was working & some times not. so i changed it with dual geil ddr2 533 & now is working properly.
    so if you have 2 modules, check again with one. else try another ddr2 memory.
    at last, if the problem was remained, the only way is checking VGA.
  4. I checked graphic card and it is working. I have 1GB RAM on 1 module.
  5. so, try with another RAM (different brand)
  6. I repaired my problem. It was realy simple. VGA connector on graphic card isn't working. Using VGA to DVI adaptor this thing works.
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