New build new case, suggestion?

Hello guys, I am going to buy a complete new system probably around December, being all excited, I'm already looking for all the parts! I am away from home, In the USA until december so I wont be building yet but I can start picking parts up. I already got 800$ from my old P4C system that served me well! and got the CPU secured...

Summary of the build:
C2d E6600 or Xeon 3060 CPU
Cooling: Most likely, Vigor Gaming TEC Monsoon II
Mobo: Rd600/nv 680i/BadAxe2/we'll see in december =)
2 gig of DDR2-800
Video card, we'll see in december, dont think I'll jump on the 8800 but who knows
HD 2X Raptor 36 gig raid-0 + 400gig storage, most likely Seagate...
PSU: Most likely Seasonic M12 700W.

Now the reason of the post, I want a nice, roomy, well cooled case. I plan to go with that cooler and it generate a fair amount of heat because of the pelletier element so I need good cooling, TOP exhaust fan are probably a good idea.
I will be aiming at the fastest stable 24/7 OC possible with this cooler. If I can run 1:1 with my DDR800, that would be sweet, but I wouldnt be suprise to fall short of this.

Im ready to invest more then I ever did in a case because I notice that incremental upgrades usually leaves you with everything new except the case so I think its a good investment.

Anything around/under 300$ CAN (roughly US * 1.12) will do.

Im looking at SilverStone TJ-09 (~250US), CoolerMaster Stacker 830, probably around 250 also.

Not to bad either: Antec nine hundred

Do you guys avec any suggestions, comments, recommendation. The two first case are really top of the line but the price is still a bit hard to swallow. So anything you might add is welcome!!
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  1. I have a Coolermaster Stacker 830 and I love it. It is so easy to work with and there is so much room! I have a E6400 overclocked to 3.4 GHZ and everything runs cool. I strongly recommend it!
  2. It looks like your into bigger cases, so I won't suggest any small ones.

    Have you looked at the gigabyte aurora? I don't really care for the Nine Hundred at all, but I do like the Antec P180. Looked at any Lian Li cases?
  3. Well never used Lian-Li case, got any recommendation? Good looking case but heard they were not that nice to work with inside, then again not first hand experience.

    I work for a friend of mine that has a computer shop and whil the P180 design is elegant, it is a B**** to work with... So I'm not exactly sold to it, but not 100% reluctant. Also the Seasonic cables ares pretty long, not a problem to have the PSU down there.

    On the other hand, if I spend a few hours doing great cable management, this thing is nice.

    I do like bigger case, I had this Antec TX1050B. great case but a bit to short, my 6800U power connectors were it between my 2 HD, could'nt add a third one =\. Thats why I want something a bit bigger and carrying is not a problem, move it once or twice a year.

    If you got recommendation for a bit smaller then the silverstone and CM stacker, shoot them anyway, any input is appreciated and I got a whole month ahead to look into it =). And not did'nt look at gigabyte offerings will do! thx

    @ciminial, thanks for the comment, did assemble one CM stacker 830 and it was a great experience! really nice case! just a tad expensive :oops:
  4. Yeah, it is expensive. I got it the first day it appeared on Newegg for sale. I think it was $269.99 plus $18.00 shipping. But the case I had before cost me $30 bucks, so i figured I deserved to splurge a little. Plus, it is built like a tank and will last me through many builds. I have built 3 systems in it since I bought it and it is such a joy to work with.
  5. for a BIG well cooled case, have a look at some of these guys:

    Shipping weight may be more because they are thicker metal than most cases.
    Ive used supermicro cases in my last 2 systems and found them a joy to work with. Lots of room and options to place things where YOU want rather than what some designer thought would work.

    but if your after bargian basement prices - stay away.
  6. NZXT Lexa has 3 120mm fans, 2 80mm fans, and is one of the best cases I've seen.

    NZXT Zero has 7 120mm fans and 2 80mm fans, equvialent to CM Stacker 830 and about 100 bucks cheaper.

    I would highly recommend these two.

    Xclio A380 has 2 25cm fans. It had some decent reviews, but I don't like the desing, might want to look into it.

    P180 is nice, but I like side panels...

    The Antec 900 got some alright reviews, and its design looks pretty nice. It's also brand new, so that would be a plus.

    TT Tai-chi had some nice reviews, albeit expensive, but it is one heck of a case.
  7. antec P-180 gets my vote
  8. Always thought these cases were interesting:

    For me, I like simple, smaller cases like this one:

    Just take a look at the whole Lian Li line, they are very simple/yet elegantly designed cases.

    **Note** No first hand experiance with either case
  9. Cool thanks for all the replies!

    I will look more into the Lian-Li they look sweet I think that Silverstone and Lian-Li have similar quality/look, a matter of getting the right room and cooling!

    Do like that gigabyte aurora also!

    Not 100% positive about the NZXT, they look flimsy, I'll find some place to look them up in person...

    That P180 kinda pissed me off when I had to assemble one, on the other hand I dont change my system every month so I'm willin to spend a few hours into it!...
  10. If your going to look in person, I am sure you'll find one you like. Bigger cases tend to be less flimsy anyway since they aren't really made for portabillity or being light. I really like cases with the PSU mounted at the bottom, makes wiring and working in them really easy. You might want to take that into consideration. I hate when the PSU is behind the optical drives.

    If you wanna take a look at a decent smaller case that runs reall cool, look at the Ultra MicroFly cases. They are more on the flimsier side but not to the point that you feel they are going to break. (they are built to be lightweight) I like them anyway... the PSU with them is nice, but I would get the case w/o a psu unless you find a good deal like I did (NEC3550a, case, and a decent psu for sub $100)

    Good luck with your pick
  11. I still like the CM Stacker 830 out of all of them if price is no option (I would vote for Tai Chi, but that is obscenely expensive).

    If you are looking for a place to buy, then you should check out:

    Their prices are usually cheaper than Newegg and they're also highly reliable, I've been buying from them for years. Not as big as Newegg, but has nearly everything I need.
  12. i was in the same dilemma as you i had an antec p180 and i dont think it was big enough to fit all my upgrade parts. so i bought the lian li v1200plus its soo roomy and very light for such a big case i would suggest this case for you too.
  13. Sweet case, proabably one of my favorite so far, dimension do look really good.

    What about the clearance for a big HSF? , not big, huge actually...

    The dimensionare as follow: 5.51 x 3.74 x 6.30 in

    You think that will fit? saw oen review saying that it might be close to the bottom for bigger HSF...
  14. One more question, and I dont want to spawn a new thread, did a little superficial search, kinda lazy one I must admit, and I could'nt find how the different rails are used in a system.

    If I understand correctly the first rail will be dedicated to the CPU, then the second would operate most of the peripheral.
    Interesting post, but old

    Then whats up with quad rail PSU?, are the two remaining Rails use? for video card?

    And I dont really understand how the rails are divided, is it per connector bassis?

    Thanks I dont know much in the PSU department and I'd like to know more =)...but im a lazy b***..feed me 8)

    Searched a bit more, rembered the PSU 101 article and found that:
    This design puts the PCI-e connectors on their own +12V rail. So tri-rails really gives you the best of both worlds. There's plenty of power for the PCI-e cards because there's nothing else robbing power from the rail that they're on. And there's still separate rails between the CPU and the rest of the peripherals, so there's no need to exceed 20A on a +12V rail and the CPU gets the "clean" power it needs to perform, and perhaps overclock, well.

    There are also quad-12V rail power supplies. The lay out of the rails are very much like our tri-rail example above. These tend to be 600W and above and were first introduced for use in servers where the first two +12V rails typically power each of two CPU's in an SMP computer. When a "modern day" quad rail power supply is used in a "gaming machine," the second CPU's rail may be used for the second video card.

    Some quad-rail power supplies have been known to be problematic with gaming systems because you'll sometimes find that both PCI-e connectors are on the same rail and the demand of two high end video cards is too much for a single, smaller +12V rail. Usually, the solution to this is to move one of the PCI-e cards off of that rail and onto another by using a 4-pin Molex with an adapter.

    So any of you guys know how that would translate on a Seasonic 600/700W with 4 18A rails?

    1 for CPU, 1 for peripheral, 2 for graphic cards?
    First rail being on the EPS12v/24 pin, 2nd on anything else on 12v, 3rd on a PCIe connector and 4th on another PCIe Connector?
    Im not that lazy today apparently
  15. I think it depends on the PSU. The GameXStream has a 12V rail for each PCI-E, and another 12V rail for cpu, and a last one. Not sure how Seasonic wires there's, but it should be similar. You might want to check their website because they may specify which rail power what. Review sites would also have some.

    I'm pretty certain the Seasonic has each PCI-E on an individual rail like the GameXStream, but don't take my word for it.
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