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I recently built a new computer and i am completely new to Nvidia. I have been an ATI guy most of my gaming life. I have a few questions how can i be sure SLI is enabled it is checked in the Nvidia Control Panel. And i used "Show GPU Load Balancing." When i run 3dMark06 it only shows the vertical bar with saying SLI beside of it NO horizontal one. And under my system in 3dmark it only shows one video card and says "Cooperitive = False" I also today installed Half Life 2 and in HL2 i see NO green bars. Is SLI truely enabled or how is the best way to tell. I am just using the Basic Version of 3dMark06 i score about 9390 if i am not mistaken if that helps any. I am running 2 Evga 7900GTO cards with the latest Drivers from NVIDIA but 3dmark shows my drivers as not being WHQL for some reason i have unistalled and reinstalled them several times. I am using 64bit windows XP PRO i am not sure if that changes anything at all. ALL drivers for my computer have been for 64-bit windows too. My specs can be seen in my sig. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP

Core 2 Duo E6600
Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
Corsair TWIN2x2048-6400
2x EVGA 7900GTO 512mb
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750
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  1. Never installed my copy of XP Prox64, lack of damn drivers! :x
    a simple test would be to untick the SLi checkbox and run 3D Mark '06 again and see what score you get. As for the GPU load indicators not showing, you got me there :?
  2. If you scored 9300 in 3DMark06 SLI is definitely enabled.
  3. Thank you all for the help i ended up going back to good ole Windows 32-Bit and all problems solved. 3D-Mark Now shows my video card as being coperative and everything. Thank you again for all the help
  4. Quote:
    If you scored 9300 in 3DMark06 SLI is definitely enabled.

    Affirmative :D
  5. Nope my score in 3d-Mark06 is the same at 9393. 64-bit windows is nice but i unable tell any difference at all between 64 and 32 bit. Other then 32bit windows installed with less hassle. I had several little driver issues in 64-bit windows even when using all 64bit drivers. But software do seem to be running smoother with 32bit windows such as 3dmark now properly identifies that i am running SLI and that my drivers are WHQL certified.
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