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I've been running my razer copperhead at 1000Hz up but now it seems I have occasional USB driver issues. Now, it's not something that is recurring or something that I can reproduce on command, the only constant is that it only happens when booting. I get a BSOD naming usbhid.sys or usbehci.sys or whatever as the culprit. Though it's so infrequent that it isn't really a bother.

But the problem I have is I am now having trouble installing windows and was wondering if this could have something to do with it? I install windows and it installs fine but after it boots past the windows logo screen it never reaches the login screen, as it just remains a black screen but continues to feed power to my monitors because they don't auto-sleep. Maybe I'm wrong here but I'm under the impression this is the time the USB drivers load?

I'm not sure this issue is related to one another as the reason could be any number of others things as it is an unattended install, but I was just wondering if anyone has known a USB chipset has burnt out due to use of a razer mouse?
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  1. That happened to me a couple of times. I don't think it has anything to do with the Razer mouse or USB ports since I didn't have either when it happened. I just let it hang there for about an hour or two, and then it would work fine. After that, it wouldn't happen no more. I didn't even want to think about what it was, but I suggest that as a way to try it out. Not very scientific, but thats the only help I can offer. Reinstall ports drivers, update bios, the whole nine-yards if you want, but try my way and see what happens.

    On another note, how do you like the Copperhead? I really like the Diamondback, but I'm not crazy about the side buttons on the Copperhead.
  2. Quote:
    I'm not crazy about the side buttons on the Copperhead.

    Me neither. I really like the copperhead but the side buttons need to be relocated. I didn't particularly like them on the Diamondback(I have both) but at least I could press the right side buttons on the D-Back. I hope that they make a non-ambidextrous mouse in the future with buttons that are more comfortable. They should make buttons something like a playstation d-pad on the side and maybe 2 or 3 on the top.

    Bottom line is, it's not really worth upgrading from the D-Back to the copperhead. The only real improvement I noticed is that the drivers seem to be less buggy.. I think... though they have screwed up twice since I got it. With the D-back it would sometimes do a screen grab function incorrectly and my games wouldn't load correctly.

    Another difference is the Copperhead is a bit higher than the d-back. This can be good or bad depending on your taste.

    OH and thanks I'll try leaving it on for two hours. Though I have waited for like a half hour and nothing, but I'll just go out and do something while it sits.
  3. Yeah, I spent a lot of time pondering G5, Diamondback, or copperhead. Copperhead was also 30 bucks or so more than the Diamondback, and I didn't think the extra 400dpi was that worth it. Design could be a bit better, but eh, it works so not much use complaining. I would still have liked to try a G5 and the diamondback, but the one mouse button on the G5 turned me off.

    Do you use a regular mousepad or a gaming mousepad, don't know if I should drop the 20 bucks for one since the mousepad I have is falling apart...

    You might also want to try safe mode... see if that helps. And bios update, althought I'm pretty sure your bios is prolly fine.
  4. I get the same symptoms in safe mode. I'm thinking it might be a custom logonui.exe or something I removed with nlite. I just wanted to rule out the USB port being screwed up.

    I haven't used a mouse pad since I ditched my old track ball. Though my desk is becoming so scuffed up with scratch marks from my mouse that I might get one.
  5. Quote:
    On another note, how do you like the Copperhead? I really like the Diamondback, but I'm not crazy about the side buttons on the Copperhead.

    I have had the copperhead for over 6 months and it is incredible. I am not completely crazy over the location of the side buttons, but if you use it enough you get used to it and they don't bother you anymore. Use for BF2 and picture/video editing.
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