AGP440 Hault on boot...need help.

Here is my issue. Can someone please shine some light on me!
OS: Windows XP Pro. / SP2
never before have I seen this error untill now.
at boot up, It haults when its loading the AGP440 driver thingee and restarts. I read on microsoft and you can fix it by doing the recovery console is where my second problem is. When I go to repair its asking me for a "Administrative password" which to be honest I have no clue what it is, & have made severall attempts to figure it out. I have files on the harddrive of sentimental value *pictures, vids, personal stuff* that I cant afford to loose. I know I can take the hard drive to best buy and for $80 they will burn images of the stuff i have onto a dvd. Whats the actuall procedure. I have another desktop in the house with windows xp. how can i hook up this drive to the 2nd desktop and be able to save my important please anyone kind enough to throw some ideas around, is there a way to disable the admin password thing, how can i copy files from a harddisk with an os on it aleady to another harddisk that also has a running OS...or simply how do i fix that dayum AGP440 crash??
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  1. Administrator is a person who have full access to you windows XP. Who was installing the Windows XP on your PC ? If you know him, ask him the password. If you don't know him, you can try this, go to safe mode (press F8 after PCC boot the BIOS) then go to control panel, user account, click in the administrator then change the password or disable the password, restart you pc. If this way aren't work, try to google "disable administrator password", mostly the result is you must download some executable files.

    Do you provide a password when you log in to windows ? if yes, generally your "my document" are protected. So if you take out your HDD and put it in another PC, you don't have a chance to see your files at all. The only thing to do is the same as above. Remove your password. Or if you have another partition in your HDD and has space enough, you can copy all your important documents to a special folder that you've already made in this partition.
  2. Use this: free and won't change anything on the hard drive, but you have to wait 48 hours to get the passwords unless you pay money:
  3. The other days ago, i just forgot windows password,then i found a windows password recovery which can bypass windows password easily,i also burned it into a cd as my reset disk.
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