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Is Apple paying for reviews?

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July 3, 2007 5:17:43 AM

What is up with all the iPhone "previews" and reviews? The editors all claim they are not buying the iPhone hype and Apple didn't sent them an unit for review. However, they loaded the news section with iPhone including two on Philly's mayor just a few days ago.

On the Tom's hardware homepage, leading up to the launch date, there is even a countdown/daily update section dedicated to iPhone. And now, a few days after launch, we have a video on iPhone, a glittering review of iPhone with the writer, I quote "Why next I just might toss away my PCs and replace them with Macs."

iPhone might be a very good phone, hack, it might even be the best phone from an American manufacture but I hardly believe it can be so good a phone as to affect an experienced PC user's opinion of Apple products. To throw out a PC and replace it with a Mac just because a phone looks sleek is utterly irrational. The same writer also commented about the beautiful packaging. Well, I guess he is easily impressed or he never feasts his eyes on other "luxury goods" before as overcharging and customer loyalty usually afford companies to over packaging their items.

I have being reading Tom's since 2000, originally for the hardware and overclocking contents, and lately I also enjoying reading more gaming and electronic news. However, it seems Tom's begins to lose editorial control to biased articles and contents as it grows.

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July 6, 2007 12:03:35 PM

You have just put down what I was trying to say on my thread more succinctly and articulately.

Hear Hear!

Stop your @ss kissing THG peeps.

Welcome the flood of critisism.
July 10, 2007 5:38:51 AM

How many of those reviews pointed out that the iPhone battery is NON-REMOVEABLE. Even after a tear-down. Thank God someone still hacks the new stuff and reports it. Does the word PAYOLA come to mind?