System hardlocks + complete random shutdowns!

Hi, I built a new system recently and it has been suffering from random hardlocks and sometimes complete power offs. (turns itself off) I'm thinking it is because the graphics card is loose, but am not sure. Im wondering if it could be software related. The hardlocks occur randomly, although mostly when im playing WoW.. though thats a large portion of what I do on my comp.

AMD X2 3800+ AM2
1g DDR2 6400
BFG geforce 7600GTOC PCI-e
2x160gb WD HD RAID 0
Dual Monitor setup.
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  1. Doh, knew I was forgetting something.

    Biostar T-force 550 socket Am2

    450w PSU that came with case - Seems to do fine.
  2. Im seeing one column for +12v and it says 15 amps underneath, so I dont know.

    - Also normally when it locks up it doesnt shut down the system it just freezes everything, So exactly what is going on there?
  3. Ok there are a lot of people complaining about your power supply being the problem. There are only 2 causes which are likely. The psu is either not functioning properly or the ram is bad. Ive had this problem before on 2 different systems and one was ram the other was the psu. I suggest this. Before going out and buying a new psu go to this link and download the cd image and burn it to a cd.

    This is a ram test program. Simply put it in the cd drive after you have burned it and restart your computer. if your computer boots off it your ram will be tested. The program will have to make 10 passes to be sure. If you see even one error pop up your ram is bad. If your system restarts while this test is in progress and you havent seen any errors up until this point then its most likely the psu. This is the best way to narrow it down.
    When it comes to this type of problem its nearly impossible to see which one is causing the problem ram or psu without equipment or memtesting software.

    The ramtest can take as long as 10 hours to complete but its worth it.
  4. Hmm it could be the RAM but it only ever seems to lock up During WoW, and it did this on my old computer (AMD as well). It may be an AMD issue.
  5. catch me on msn messenger i hate posting back and forth too slow
  6. Ill hit you up If I decide to run that memtest soon.
  7. actually i was thinking more along the lines of discussing the problem more in depth.
  8. so a 580 watt supply wont power a system like that but it will power a crossfire system with 2 1900xtx 2 gigs of ram 2 hd on raid and amd64 3800 ???

    strange because i think it would work perfectly in fact a 450 would probably easily power that system no problem
  9. it really doesnt matter if the psu is bad at this moment you cant be sure so simply run the ram test and you will know for sure.
  10. True, and I dont see how a BaD psu would cause the system to simply freeze, is that it cutting power to a certain component or something>?

    - Also note it has never hardlocked during GPu overlclocking or repeated runs of 3dmark 06.
  11. what happens is that there is a certain voltage tolerance hardware components can handle

    a psu for example has to keep at least 11-13 volts on the 12 volt rail to be stable enough for components to operate. Most power supplies keep better tolerances like 11.5-12.5 which is best.

    Some components (cpu,memory) are more susceptible to a voltage drop or increase and they can be overloaded or just fail to continue working because of the power drop. If the psus capacitors or diodes or transformers are functioning incorrectly then the power wont remain stable and you will see the freezing and random restarts.

    If for instance you system was running fine but the processor was to lockup from power problems the system would simply sit there like an idiot. The fans would be on the monitor and images would be displayed but it would no longer process anything thus the lockup.
  12. Ummm negative. In case you didn't listen to mpilchfamily, he isn't saying the wattage isn't great enough, he is saying that there aren't enough amps on the 12v+ rail(s). So next time try not to be a smart ass and learn something first.
  13. Quote:
    Ummm negative. In case you didn't listen to mpilchfamily, he isn't saying the wattage isn't great enough, he is saying that there aren't enough amps on the 12v+ rail(s). So next time try not to be a smart ass and learn something first.

    A smart ass... hmmm...

    Considering im certified in the area i do know something and i did fail to state that his psu fact sheet was very well made and quite nice. The fact is that yes it maybe his power supply i didnt say that wasnt the case nore was i stating simply that the wattage was enough negating the amperage. I simply wanted him to make sure his ram was in good shape before attempting anything else. His psu might not have the amperage but if DUE to this fact the ram has been damage or otherwise problematic it would be nice to know now before getting a new psu and wasting another week or so of time trying to fix it. If the system restarts during the memtest then its simple to see but if he gets errors during the ram test i would wonder if something else was wrong. If its simply a problem with amperage on the rails then the ramtest shouldnt have any interruption and if it did the system shouldnt even have enough power to fully boot let alone run wow since the boot process draws the most power.

    I simply want him to check both possiblities before going to replace things.
  14. Im just confused ive had systems built with 450 watt psus with only 15 on the rails and it powers 2 cd drives a amd 64 3800 2 hds and an x1800xl

    dont ask me how but i know it ran beautifully.

    now that i look back on it your probably right on the psu. The only reason being is that the system hangs...... and thats it. IF he got bsods or just random restarts i would think it was the ram but its probaby the power supply your probably right. I just figured the video card was craptastically old i never really spend much time thinking about amperage i usually just make sure the system has like 20 or more amps then i dont care unless they plan on crossfire or sli then i go in depth. I havent built many dual gpu setups thats probably why
  15. 15 amp know it could be a possibility that the website had it labeled incorrectly i mean it does happen. 15 amps kinda sounded a little low to me too. but thats what it said says it right on my invoice but sadly i dont have the email otherwise id be happy to show you this.
  16. dear god man i keep seeing your posts and that 7300 gt keeps haunting me get a better video card.

    heheh 8)
  17. Ohh i already went through your entire article and looked at that calculator. In fact im going to recommend that in my computer class. Im certified network professional and now im on to my A+ certification might help my instructor out.
  18. The net+ test wasnt hard as long as you study for it decently. I must say that there are a few questions about macs which drew blanks from me. They state at the begining of the test that there are questions on there that arnt graded but they are interested in adding on there so i figure thats what the mac ones are. i ended it with a 630 out of 700 with a passing grade of at least 520 so i did pretty good.

    whats your email dude i can send you some testing stuff. i have the programs i got with my classes and they have some nice study guides in there. send me an email if you want.
  19. Ohh wait i found my paper. Has a scaled score between 100 and 900 needing 554 to pass and i got a 633.

    Its all scaled though so its weird when it comes to grading.
  20. Hmm so the conclusion is my power supply doesnt provide enough amps. Im still confused, if the boot up process requires the most power, and I'm able to run for hours on end most of the time, how can it be the system is under powered by 5 amps? I used the psucalc tool as well, and added a decent % so im assuming 300 watts, which I didnt convert to amps but im guessing thats 20 amps.

    Also the PSU doesnt run very hot or extremely loud doesnt seem to be under pressure.

    let me try to get a closer look at the psu as well. - Also I have no idea on the term " ATX switching power supply" if that matter. =/
  21. Also running multi monitors.. if that effects GPu power consumption signifigantly.
  22. And BTW BFG geforce 7600Gt OC 113.99$. Im using this card, 6100 3d mark 05 on my system, 3500 in 06 I think. Overclocks like a mofo to almost 115 mhz on the core was almost stable (heat) and the ram is sexy to.

    Also a silent one from gigabyte for 129.99.
  23. 7300gt's in SLi are pretty sweet to, and yeah my system is built almost entirely around price to performance ratio.
  24. 15amps on the 12+ rail BAH rubbish

    ++ on new (quality psu)

    run memtest also... while playing WoW everything is cranking up and most likely is just overwhelming the bs included w/ the cases capablities to supply the required amps.
  25. Right, but if the max output is 15 amps and my system is pulling 20 amps, how is it even possible I can play at all, let alone for several hours on end with no issues.?
  26. Considering its dual core it rarely exceeds 50 (100% on one core) but Im not sure how power consumption works for dual core, if only one core is being utilized fully.

    - hehe, So If I attempted to Oc the CPU I could feasibly turn my computer into a flame-thrower correct?
  27. Is there another way I can find out if it really is a 15 amp power supply? I only see one 12v+ column, does yours have 2, or am I mis reading or something?
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