Im not sure if MS could be bothered to implement Firewire 800 properly


I have a WD My Passport studio drive that is connected over FW 800. It works perfectly over USB 2 and FW400.

However when connected using FW 800, Windows 7 keeps showing the auto play every so often (like when you first connect a drive) and also Windows 7 will not boot if the drive is connected. When booting it just goes into the Windows pulsing logo then the screen just goes black and hangs?

Anyone have any ideas what this is about?

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  1. Remove boot from firewire from BIOS boot options.

    Switch off auto play, go into control, switch from category view to small icons, use the auto play option.

    Security risk having any removable drive start up, just asking for something nasty to infect your system
  2. I have tried both of these things and the problem is still there. With the bios booting, the computer actually goes into the windows loader, it just goes black screen after the pulsing logo.

    Is FW 800 not great on Windows? is it more a Mac thing. I know people that are using a mac and this hard drive and it works perfectly.

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