New Gaming/Modding Build Opinions Please

M'Kay 1st off...

im on a small budget because im looking at future upgrades so im tightening the purse strings....

1st Pure Gaming/Mod build

i have prior experience putting together pc's so now i want to make a looker...

What i am looking at is:

CPU -C2D E6400

MB - MSI 975X PE v2.1

GPU - Either a Sapphire x1950pro 256mb or the MSI x1950pro 512mb...most likely going to make the switch from Nvidia to ATI on this one..

RAM - G.SKill 2GB PC2 6400

PSU - Hiper 580watt Modular

ok im looking for suggestions on everything but i want to concentrate on PSU, GPU and Mobo...

i want a modular PSU for space reasons and if u know of a good cheap one let me know asap

also is the MSI 975X any good to overclock?

thanks in advance please help im new to the game
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  1. Quote:
    Your better choices in motherboards would be Asus and Gigabyte. The 975x chipset is the one to go with. But if you want to OC then Asus and Gigabyte with the 975x chipset are the way to go.

    I like your PSU selection. It'a a very good PSU. I've had mine for about 3 months.

    glad to hear that because i'm also going to buy that PSU

    go for an asus mobo with the 975x chipset if you want to overclock
    and i think the x1950pro 512mb has only a marginal performance increase compared to the 256mb version, so spare your money for something else
  2. i heard it was only 3-10 dollars more in some cases....that was according to anandtech...

    also i like the asus and gigabytes but they are just so exspensive and i cant use my ide drives they only support two and i have a huge ide hard drive and 2 opticals plus 2 morre sata's
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