How do you immediately output voice from mic to speaker?

This is our situation: We have a cashier window which only has 2 holes; 1 for talking and another for payments. Currently, our cashier shouts most of the time so a customer can hear her voice.

Our solution (though I can't make it work): bought an additional sound card, headset and mic. Installed the add'l sound card in the PC, placed the PC speaker on the other side of the window, and let the cashier use the headset. I interchanged the connection of the speaker to the sound card's line out so they can hear each other talking and not hear themselves. (But all of this is only in theory. I still can't make it work.)

I do not know how to immediately output the cashier's voice out to the speaker on the customer's side and the same goes for the customer's voice to the cashier's headset.

I used the speech settings in control panel which tests for voice, but it has an annoying delay and is sometimes slow in audio output. Yahoo Messenger is much faster. Why is that so?

What do I need to do? Do I need to buy software or hardware? or both?

Thanks!!! :wink:
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  1. I wouldn't bother with all that. How about a cheap $30 intercom from Radio Shack?
  2. ya you can do it, its a stupid setting in windows (im assuming you are using windows xp). Though i dont know what will happen with 2 sound cards. With one, You would plug speaker into speaker out and microphone into microphone in. Go to control panel and click on sound and audio devices and then hit advanced. there you will see sliders.

    From here on my memory is kinda fuzzy but if i remember correctly, you would go to options then properties and check microphone. Then you would hit ok and the microphone slider will also be there. Bring mike up to 100% and uncheck mute and u should be able to hear ur own voice through the speakers (with a second delay or so.)
  3. I don't think you can use 2 different sound cards in the same PC? Would cause all kinds of driver and signal routing issues.
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