Good, Micro ATX AMD2 Motherboard Needed


can anybody recomend a Good, Micro ATX AMD2 Motherboard.

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  1. You gonna do any overclocking? Have any chipset preference? Budget?
  2. budget is 30-60, i wont be overclocking
  3. WOW, really small budget. Most mobos start at $50. $60 is normally the cheapest low-end one you can get, especially for AM2......Ok then.......hey, we're all victims of budget, right?

    In that case.......keep in mind this is really on the cheap. Here are 3 different brands, not sure if you have a preference. Each are in your price range:

    MSI K9VGM-V Socket AM2 VIA K8M890 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

    ECS C51GM-M (V1.0) Socket AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

    ASUS M2V-TVM Socket AM2 VIA K8M890 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

    ECS one isn't the best chipset.....I'd say it's a toss up between the MSI and the ASUS. Personally, I'd go with the ASUS.
  4. lol sorry i meant £40 - £60, so thats 75$ - 110$
  5. for overclocking, I'll prefere Foxconn ones, but sadly, they don't have good one for AM2 yet even it's already showed in several shows before..

    they only have NVIDIA 6100 chipset, I'll prefere 6150 wich they only oofer for Socket 939 at this time
  6. are there not any good AM2 ones?
  7. If you can up the budget to £64 Abit nF-M2 nView

    6150/430 chipset., decent BIOS, voltages etc.
  8. Hi,
    For mATX AM2 Boards in the UK you can also get

    Asrock have 4 boards the ALiveNF6G-DVI (GF6100) seems the best about £50-70

    Biostar Tforce GeForce 6100-AM2 Mainboard

    But I dont know of any with the newer chipsets
  9. wht is the latest chip set,

    the last i remember is nforce 4

    also are there any with SLI
  10. also "BUFF" in the link you sent the form factor is "uATX",

    wht is uATX

    how is this motherboard, its a bit over budgets but the specil fetures are great:
  11. u is the Greek symbol for micro as in MicroATX.

    btw have a look at - it's a shame that you wouldn't be overclocking but the results say a lot about the board's engineering.

    there was only 1 mATX board with SLi for 939 & I doubt that it's going to be any better for AM2.
  12. the ASUS LN15779 is a bit over my budget, but with all the special features ect it looks apealing.
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