What do you lot think of this small case?

What do you lot think of this small case?, im currently looking for a small case for a new build.


i live in uk. also if possible could you recomend me any other simular cases

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  1. It's a good case with a crappy PSU. Basically they took a 250w micro-atx unit and slapped a 420w sticker on it.

    Aspire X-Qpack 420W power supply review
  2. can any normall psu be used in this case?
  3. If you are building a simple desktop that will not game or anything that case is pretty nice, if you want to have a pc that will do more than MS Word I would suggest something else with more airflow and a quality powersupply. Antec makes some great cases with descent power supplies (however they are kind of expensive sometimes)

    That case does look sweet though, its a shame that the PSU makes it unusable for heavy amp drawing pcs.
  4. basically i want a gaming pc but in a small (kind of portable) case. So somthing like that Cube thing. Now if i put a propper PSU in taht case would it be ok?
  5. It looks like an X-QPACK with a "real" 120mm ATX unit. I couldn't find out any details about what they used, but I guess anything is better than the short aspire unit.

    Can you ask them what they put in it's place and maybe ask them what they recommend for optical drives like a DVDRW unit, it may be a tight squeeze with a full-size ATX unit in there... Could be a winner!
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