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I just bought components for a new computer including a 7950GX2 GPU and a Asrock CnRoeXfire-eSATA2 Mobo. The monitor refuses to power up when I turn on the computer. I hear it may require updated BIOS but I have no means to update said BIOS as I have no previous PCI-e GPU. Any ideas?
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  1. have you, or a friend, got a spare PCI graphics card that you can use, it'll work fine.
    Though the resolution will be rubbuish however this would be a stopgap measure until you upgrade the BIOS. :)

    After upgrading the BIOS then you can use the 7950GX2, perhaps, check if you have enough current on the 12V rail on the PSU. This could be the reason why you get no image on the screen as you don't have enough power to power the graphics card, again maybe. :)
  2. It would either be a faulty card or not enough juice.

    The PCI graphics card will do you just fine - buy a 'Classic' Cirrus 5446 off eBay for one or two $£$£$ and you'll have a valuable tool for a system builder.

    EDIT: Forgot, it could be the BIOS thing too (been off the ball & going insane with two weeks of no internet!)
  3. That'd be ample power in wattage, and 20A on the 12v would be enough.

    It looks like you have a date with a PCI graphics card and a BIOS update. Don't feel too bad though, PCI graphics cards really, really are such useful diagnostic tools
  4. no not really, try to find a reputable company, thus that will give you quality and look out for the current (amps) on the 12v rail(s)

    try to get a psu with dual 12v rails @ 20A or so each, the other rails dont matter so much as the 12v as most devices nowadays like the 12v rail, alot!!!! :)

    i know you might want to find a cheap power supply to replace the other but i belkieve its best to get one that will do the job well, not one thatll work for a few months then die....

    have a look fir corsair, ocz, enermax (liberty series), tagan etc

    fsp might do well for your needs too, perhaps.. :?


    not sure about thermaltake psu but heres a good one for the price and QUAD 12v rails (more rails+higher current=more reliable+more wattage(power)).its good for the price as well 8)

    i think you might live in the uk, like me :), as the link was uk so here:
    £70 for 750w!
  5. "So the Q-tec 650Watt Triple fann can do 650 watts at its peak for like 1 second then explode or fail. The real wattage of some of these cheap PSU's can be 300 or less, i think the Q-tec 650 has a true rating of something like 240 watts."

    Bugger. You couldn't possibly suggest a suitable PSU from either or could you? I desperately want to try out this card and both of these shops are within driving distance :D

    Container recommends 500W with 12v current rating of 22A minimum >_<
  6. How about the ? It's pretty much on par with my price range.
  7. Quote:
    How about the ? It's pretty much on par with my price range.

    that looking more like it GL :D
    one of the finest PSUs at the moment, there are good reviews on the web as well get back to us ohow it goes :mrgreen:
  8. Just to make sure does my motherboard (Asrock CnRoeXfire-eSATA2) comply with the 7950GX2's required mobo?

    I can't find it in a Nvidia 7950GX2 compatability list yet the board's bios update includes a 7950GX2 update and I have found accounts of people having both but they're all in foreign languages.
  9. I just think it's rather odd for a motherboard to improve support for a card which it apparently cannot use.
  10. Neither a new PCI-e or PSU worked. Not good.
  11. shoot! its the motherboard then, thats especially unlucky if you went out and bought the psu and/or new pcie graphics card....

    Power on just the motherboard ram cpu and heatsink/fan. Try it, see if it works, if not then its most probably the motherboard, seeing as a new psu didn't work.
  12. do you have any other socket 775 cpus, if so you could also try to see if they resolve the problem, though i am pretty sure that if the new psu+graphics card didn't work then its the motherboard. :(
  13. Aww man :cry:
  14. try the two psus on the motherbnoard with ram+cpu+hs/f, of course plug the front pannel jumpers in (power switch etc), and see if it works. :) probably not, if so then see if anyone you know has a socket 775 motherboard you can borrow that will support your cpu. Put your stuff on it (eg cpu, graphics, ram etc) and then do the same and see if it works.

    It's just a process of elimination. :(
  15. Meh. Just took the board out. I hope the shop is willing to exchange it for a Asrock 775i945GZ. If not I'm screwed :x I'd buy a better motherboard but anything other than an Asrock is rediculously priced for dual core and SATA2 :(

    Oh man, I just realised I'll have to go through the terrifying process of putting in the CPU again >_<
  16. Quote:
    Oh man, I just realised I'll have to go through the terrifying process of putting in the CPU again >_<

    haha but at least it'll work in the end <hopefully>

    yeah i guess it would be bad if they didnt exchange it, perhaps you could ask them if they could give you the same (but new) motherboard if they wont exchange it...
  17. Quote:
    The PSU is a

    Would this be adequate?

    That's one bling bling 24karat psu.
  18. Replaced it with a new one.

    Set everything up and now whenever I power up there's a series of beeps. One long and three short. The monitor once again remains blank. The computer then restarts after the beep. This is becoming a farce :( :x
  19. okay...
    Lets go through this step by step;

    what components do you have in the system, ram, cpu etc :) (what have you got as of now)

    have you connected the 6pin power connector to the 7950gx2? (Going over it all again...)

    Beeps means that either something is wrong :O or something isn't connected, eg if you get a ram error beep it means theres either a problem with your ram or it means you might not have put the ram in :) Get it? okay there should be an exclamation to what each different type of beep sequence is in the instructions you got with the motherboard.
  20. Along with the AB9 Pro I have:-
    an Enermax Liberty 620W;
    a 9750GX2 (although I'm using a 7100GS atm for trails);
    a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13Ghz 1066FSB LGA775 etc etc
    1Gb of DDR2 Corsair PC3200

    Can't seem to find anything about beeps. The back of the manual is taken up by "Award Post code definitions" and troubleshooting which doesn't cover this :-/
  21. Quote:
    have you connected the 6pin power connector to the 7950gx2? (Going over it all again...)

    Yeah, one time I remember, I forgot to put this power connector, and the motherboard started beeping on me. Could it possibly be the case here?
  22. could be but noice here:
    1Gb of DDR2 Corsair PC3200

    Cookery have you put the ram in? Because it shouldn't fit. That i sIF ITS DDR NOT DDR2, which is called PC2-4200 and upwards.

    PC-3200 is ddr NOT ddr2...

    and and cookery you're right i just downloaded the manual for your motherboard and theres absolutly nothing about beep codes, well what i read of it anyway...

    cookery check their website.
  23. Quote:

    Cookery have you put the ram in? Because it shouldn't fit. That i sIF ITS DDR NOT DDR2, which is called PC2-4200 and upwards.

    Typo. Sorry :oops: It's: this.

    The power is definatly connected to the GPU. Plus the same things happen with the 7100 (blank screen; 1 long 3 short beeps and restart).
    The website has no corresponding FAQ for four beeps, only three ¬_¬

    The American Abit website was far more useful: "The only AwardBIOS beep code indicates that a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information. This beep code consists of a single long beep followed by two short beeps. Any other beeps are probably a RAM (Random Access Memory) problems."

    It had two links to extra assistance but they 404'd. Mayhaps I should try new RAM then? Although it states that only the single long then double short should indicate a display error would the screen still not receive a signal if it's a RAM error? I used to have similar problems on my old PC but these were remedied by removing one piece of RAM and then putting it back in.
  24. okay :)

    what about your 'post code definitions' from the LED displayer.... :?:
  25. yeah if you have some nearby, if not aw you gotta spend more money... or have a look here:
    Hexus Abit forums

    hmmm well you could do a quick skim on these links to se if they have the remedy tothe problem... if not post back and we'll see what we can do. :)
  26. 8.7. which according to the "AC2005 Post Code Definitions" manual section means: "Check CPU core voltage". It all looks appropriate to me, although there is a 20-pin power cable in the 24-pin power connector. The manual states that this may cause system instability or even make it unbootable for the sake of insufficient electricity. However wouldn't a 620W PSU be able to combat this? The CPU power supply looks perfectly normal, I even tried switching the 4-pin connector around with another yet 8.7. remains.

    The only power connector that isn't filled with a corresponding cable is the auxiliary PCI-e connector.
  27. so i guess you've got the 20+4 pin power connected right, if not do that and see what happens.

    Plus one thing i noticed is that the motherboard doesn't have a 8 pin cpu power connector (the enermax has 4+4 pins for the cpu)
    ... hmmm ....
    I doubt this would matter though as it says in the enermax liberty manual i think, if not its the gigabyte ds4 manual, (i got a liberty as well) that the 8pin cpu power is only needed for intel pentium d 840EE (no not energy efficent but extreme edition) lol...
  28. I slotted the extra 4-pin cable into the 24-pin connector. No change. I'll purchase a new piece of RAM tomorrow but would the RAM really cause the screen to not receive a signal?
  29. One topic suggested that for award Abit bios motherboards the one long and three short suggested a keyboard error. I tried plugging the keyboard into the motherboards USB along with a seperate PCI Usb slot but neither of them appeared to power up the keyboard. I significatly doubt that the moniter wouldn't receive a signal as a result of a keyboard error though, right?
  30. How could I ascertain that it's not a CPU problem? No one's suggested it thus far yet the old ball & chain knows even less than I do and she's desperate to ensure her precious CPU is safe :?
  31. okay I'll PM someone to see this thread and try and find the remedy to the problem.

    The thing i dont want you to do is to go out and spend your entire wallet buying everything All over again...

    The keyboard is unlikely to be the probem...As you've found out...

    Could be the CPU however I believe that you would get a beep code telling you its the cpu thats faulty - though how cerain could we be if it said its a cpu error from a beep code. Seeing as it said it was a keyboard error and it most likely isn't...

    I have a similar problem too... (In my sig.)
  32. Abit technical just suggested a return the motherboard as long as I can ensure that the PSU and CPU are installed properly. The PSU is definatly working correctly but I know no way of testing the CPU. Do you suggest I return both the board and CPU for testing or assume the CPU is working fine? Seeing as how this was my first built computer I was especially careful when installing all components, specifically the CPU.
  33. Does your motherboard have any diagnostic LEDS? Check to see if it recognizes your CPU
  34. the post code LED displays "8.7." signifying "Check CPU core Voltage", however the PSU's 4-pin CPU cable is definatly in the socket properly.
  35. A seperate topic suggested that ..."8.7 is usually not plugging in the ATX12V1 or it can be a damaged CPU pin."

    Seeing as how the ATX12V1 is certainly plugged in then it could be the latter. If there's a damaged CPU pin would that suggest a damaged motherboard or a damaged CPU?
  36. damaged motherboard seeing as he pins are on the motherboard on an LGA775 socket. Plus LGA (land grid array) sokets get damaged more easier than PGA (pin grid array) cpus as the pins are on the motherbnoard.

    The only way you'd see if it was damaged is by taking the cpu out and inspecting the motherboard socket. It does mean you'll have to re apply the thermal paste after reseating the cpu though.

    Try it and see, its worth having a look, anyway you'd have to take he cpu out ifyou wanted to return the motherboard anyway :)
  37. Is damage obvious? Should I be expecting drastically bent pins?

    Edit: Looks perfectly fine to me :?
  38. no just one or two bent ones, one thing: did you take care when you first installed the processor? Or just push it in recklessly? I guess you took care though it is best to inspect the socket. :)
  39. I was as gentle as I could be, despite the rediculous amount of force it took to push the lever down along with fitting the fan :?
  40. hmmm as you live close to microdirect nip down there and see if you can get them to have a look at it.... Dunno if they ill do anything seeing as you changed your old motherboard and then you'll change it again... :?

    Ask them if they could test it - if not then RMA it... :(

    i might have to do the same with my motherboard to RMA it (gigabyte ds4) but my dad says its probably that the connections are loose... :cry:
  41. i PM'd jack and he said that he'll be on this evening to help :D .
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