CD writer problem: windows thinks cd-r is in drive

Ok, i can't seem to figure out what the problem is, so I'm hoping someone's seen this before.

Last night I tried to burn some JPG files to a cd. Instead of using Nero burning rom to do it, i just used the one in windows xp pro (the 'write these files to the cd' link when you go into the d: drive itself). It ran the windows burn process popped out the cd, and when i went to check it to see if it had copied it showed the cd was blank. Subsequent attempts are just erroring out when it writes. I tried using Nero, and it also errors at the end of the burn cycle when it tries to close the cd.

I've noticed that my D: drive seems to think that it still has a writable cd in the drive. I can access it as if it does, but beyond that it's non-responsive. If I put a CD in the drive (any application or music CD), it doesn't recognize that the CD even exists, it still acts like it's in write mode.

I've tried rebooting, disabling and re-enabling the drive, removing the hardware and having windows rescan and find it again. I can't seem to find anything on google, and I'm lost at this point. Any idea how to force windows to dump whatever is making it think that there's a writable cd in the drive? I was hoping it was just some temporary memory thing, but hard and soft reboots didn't fix the problem, nor did the drive reinstall. Short of going in there and physically disconnecting it, I'm not sure what to do.

I'm using windows xp pro. It's a lite-on CD burning (the drive d: I referenced)

Anyone know what the hell is going on?
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  1. It does sound like a faulty drive (that'd be my diagnosis anyway).

    In the UK you can get a DVD±RW drive for £25 or less...CDRW-drives even cheaper, I'm sure it's a similar situation in the US.

    G'wan, treat yourself!
  2. hi.
    1.try clean out the laser head of your drive using cd lens cleaner.
    2.first disable the windiws writing process, and use nero to burn your media.
    be sure the program options are configured propertly,
    like finalise disc,or close disc.
    if you have any other burning software try it.
    3.update drives firmware.
    all these you can try if your drive is been configured right,like master slave.
    if after all these the drive still does not work,its faultly one.
    buy new drive.
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