Stock cooling good enough for 6300 and x2 4200?

Looking at building a system with either a C2D 6300 or x2 4200. Is stock cooling provided in the retail enough for them? Looking for some first hand experience. I do not plan to overclock.
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  1. Yes, yes, and yes.

    Seriously. You'll be fine.
  2. I don't know about the units you're mentioning in particular, as I've got an Intel D 830 processor. In my case, however, the stock HS/fan were fine for maintaining a decent temp, but it was too loud. Replacing it with a Scythe Ninja reduced both temps and noise.

  3. Stock coolers on both the X2 and 6300 offer very respectable cooling, and actually aren't very loud. They're not silent, but they come with the chip so no extra money to buy something else. So if he's looking if the stock is fine, then I'd say For Sure.

    You can always get an aftermarket cooler later if you want.
  4. Quote:

    You can always get an aftermarket cooler later if you want.

    That's what I did. Happy I did, but as you said, it doesn't cost anything to try the stock, so you might as well give it a whirl.

  5. The E6300's stock hsf is actually very extremely quiet if run with Smart Fan settings, when not overclocked. Whereas when you overclock, it's not advisable to keep Smart Fan settings on. Disabling it keeps your fan spinning at full speed, which my motherboard reads at 1800-2000rpm, which is a lot slower than other stock hsf. Even at that kind of speed, I'd say the noise isn't loud which I'm surprised. This stock HSF fan actually helped me achieve very high overclocking numbers.
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