Prime95 errors on non overclocked e6400!!!!!!!!!

I just installed my new core 2 system. All the specs are listed below. I just ran dual prime95 for the first time and the second core had an error after only 15 minutes. the system is not overclocked. it runs smoothly besides that. the only thing i noticed is that my temps seem high, but not too much. Core temp and intel thermal analysis tool both say the same thing under load, 64 degrees. But speedfan and easytune 5 both say 56. obviously thats higher then normal, but its not horrible. I have a new heatsink coming already with ac 5. But why would prime95 error already with these temps and no overclock? help! and it errored after only 15 minutes. should i rma?
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  1. add +0.2v to vdimm and try it again.
  2. i'll do that. how do i monitor my voltages, especially ram, in windows? what program? i know my ram is supposed to use 2.1v, but i left it on auto since it was working fine. also, i can't find my latency settings in my bios. i know they have to be there somewhere. anyone know anything about the gigabyte ga-965p-ds3? where are those latency settings.
  3. When you get to the main BIOS screen, press CTRL-F1. That'll reveal a hidden menu under "Intelligent Tweaker".

    Default memory voltage is 1.8, which is why you're having problems.
  4. thanks. everything is working great now.
  5. do you know what the standard voltages are for fsb and mch? my bios only allows +.1 .2 .3 on those. I'd like to overclock, but everyone says to put those at certain voltages. I can't set it to a voltage if i don't know what the standard is. thanks.
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