newb question on ddr2 , expert help needed, thanks in advanc

hi gota question i just recently bought some pc2-1000 crucial memory on sale, a 2gb kit, i plan to stay with windows xp for a least a year till vista is ironed out, i know xp has mem max of like 3gb? so my question is, could i buy another 1gb pc2-1000 single stick from crucial and put it in and it work on xp, or do i have to put in dual matched sticks, also if i can put the third stick in will i still run in dual channel, and be worth it. also if i cant, can i buy a 1gb kit thats two 512s and use it with the 2gb kit without any detrimental performance, as far as mb i havent picked it out yet im leaning twards the evga 680i or the dfi r600 motherboard if it ever comes out.

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  1. Since "pc2-1000" would be DDR2-125, perhaps you made a typo in describing your memory?
    In any case, if you get a single 3rd stick, you will either partially or completely be running in single channel mode, depending on your MB. Your 2nd idea of getting a 2x 512 kit will work fine - that's what I'm running now to have 3GB in my 4 DIMM slots.
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